Bug in slow thread on community.roonlabs.com website

For webmaster or whoever supports the community site.

I have been stuck being unable to edit and update my latest post during the whole day on a thread in which I was adding a comment. I waited 2 hours… quite a few times and the page is definitely stuck.

This does look like a poor interaction between multiple edits and a slow thread, at least on Safari and iPhone or iPad.

Thanks for your kind assistance, this is annoying.
Best regards

Not really related - but I have found this site very slow (> three minutes) to load pages lately.

Hi @Christian_DEPLANTE,

The site uses the Discourse forum management software, I know Roon’s “webmaster” keeps the software current. IIRC what you describe is known side effect of slow-mo and it’s been reported to the Discourse developers.

In your latest post, I’ve just corrected the hyperlink for you so that’s good now.

I assume you are referring to this post circa 10 hours old (at this time). If you wish to PM me with the additional comments I can add an update for you.

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