BUG: issues with composers from file tags

  1. The links for the composers generated from file tags (composer, lyricist, writer) are not working on the main album page. Clicking on them has no effect.

  1. On the other hand, the links are clickable in the “view credits” pane for individual tracks, but they lead to an empty page for the “composer” without any back-link to the work

  1. I did setup roon to “prefer file” for composer credits, yet, Roon still add composition credits from its datasource. The behavior is very much “merge”, instead of “prefer file”.

Note that “prefer roon” actually works as advertised (file tags composer credits are ignored)

PS: do you guys have a bug tracker proper or is here the best place to report issues?

Hi @Dubo_Dubon_Duponey,

Thanks for the report, I’ve passed this along to the tech team for investigation.

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