[BUG] Local media import

I’m still in my trial, but found two bugs that are quite critical for me. There are buried into other threats, so elevating them to hopefully get developers’ eyes for a fix.

  1. Cannot filter various artists albums: Issue happens for local albums that are identified by roon as primary artist “various artist”, but the local file showing a “real” artist as albumartist. These albums end up in nirvana; i.e., i cannot filter or search for them. Also, they don’t show up when selecting the albumartist from the artist view

  2. Remove CD from album title: when using file metadata for album title, roon removes “CD” and anything thereafter. For example, an album title “ac/dc - CD 1 Live” is displayed as “ac/dc - “. “CD 1 live” is removed

Any chance to see a fix for the next version?

Hello @steve77,

I’ve forwarded this post to the Roon QA team, they will follow up shortly.

Have you found resolution to either issue?


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