Bug: Qobuz album non-playing status

I added this album to my library from Qobuz a few days ago, it appears and adds but won’t play. Plays ok in Tidal. Oh, well, it’s new.

Today, I found another version on Quboz, also 24/96, added it, plays fine.

So either the links got confused, or maybe it was originally in the catalog but not yet playable and then the status in Roon’s database didn’t get updated.

I have a few other albums from the same days with non-Playing status, I will investigate if they also have good versions.

@support I have left the bad albumin my database if you w@nt to troubleshoot.

Hi @AndersVinberg,

So we can take a closer look, may I ask that you please share screenshots of the File Tags for both of these versions of the album? You can find this by selecting the album, selecting the 3 dots next to one of the tracks, selecting View File Info, and then choose File Tags. It will look like the screenshot below:

Ok, easy to get confused between versions, and iOS doesn’t have file naming!

So here is the version that doesn’t play:

And here is the version that does play:

Thank you for the info, @AndersVinberg. I’m going to pass this info along to the team for further investigation. I’ll be sure to update you once I’ve received their feedback.