BUG report - Adding tidal albums to Roon

Hi @support

Am getting a consistent bug. Basically it concerns the way in which the “Go to TIdal Version” does not register the fact that a Tidal album has already been added to library.


Taking an un added (Tidal) album. Here it is in my HDD collection, so i select the … to bring up the option to View Tidal Version

Which takes me tp the Tidal version and option to add it. Which I do.

And indeed here it’s been added to my collection :-)…

But now, if I go back to the main HDD album and view tidal version again, it’s telling me it’s not added to Roon, or rather it’s giving me the option to add to Roon again!

I pick any album any time, and even though it’s been added from tidal, the linke to View Tidal Version always shows it as addable again.

If you need any further information to help debug this, am happy to provide.

I’ve noticed this in the past so can replicate it. Let’s ask @joel if it’s intended, unavoidable or something that can be fixed. This part of the UI may be getting some attention associated with the MQA rollout.

thanks Andy.

It’s not a problem, realistically, but it detracts from the Roon experience. Any newcomer who’s trying out the software is likely to meet this sort of glitch and could well be put off during trial period.


Hi @Sallah_48 ---- Thank you for the feedback and my apologies for the slow response.

For consistency sake, we always give you ways to access to the non-Library TIDAL version, even if you’ve added it to your library. The version in your library could be edited or incomplete, and so we always give you that navigation path, so you can see the full, untouched album.

Whether the album is in your library or not, you’ll be able to navigate to the TIDAL version via the TIDAL screens, or your playlists, or the “View On TIDAL” link, and that version will have the non-library options.


Ok great. Thanks for the explanation Eric. Now I see there’s method to the madness :slight_smile:

Hi, fine for me too, I see the logic, no pb.
However, for me there’s still something weird in Tidal files management once imported in Roon’s library.
Once imported, if you go in the Tidal version, you still only view the button “+ Add To Library”, it shouldn’t be like this as it is already in the Roon library ?

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