Bug Report - Roon Server via Apple Remote Desktop

I posted on this in another thread but no feedback on this.

I am running Roon Server on a headless Mac and when accessed via Apple Remote Desktop the machine is so lethargic it is hard to even do basic file browsing or copying in the Finder. When I quit Roon Server the lethargy goes away and all back to normal. Something in the Roon Server is dragging the box down, and it makes it a PITA to use the box Roon Server is running on for anything else.

I’m using a headless MacMini to run Roon Server, music library on an ethernet connected NAS (Synology). My MacMini is a 2015. I don’t have the specs on hand right now but can tell you I bought it late 2015 and maxed it out completely including 16 GB RAM and GB Flash drive (no moving parts). Everything is hardwired. I access the Mini via Apple Remote Desktop. No problems.

Hi @femanburch,

What hardware spec is your headless Mac ? Is it running anything other than Roon Server ?

Hackintosh running 10.11.6, 3.5 GHz quad core i7 (4770), 16GB RAM, SSD for the OS and applications, music files on a WD Black, not running anything else.

There have been issues using remote desktop to access a truly headless mac and this has do to with how the display drivers behave when no monitor is attached. It manifests as extremely slow response when a graphics-intensive application is run (and if I recall correctly OpenGL is the culprit). This was a big problem trying to access the Time Machine app via a remote session.

As a test try connecting a display to the machine to see if that helps with responsiveness. Any display will work (monitor or TV), the resolution isn’t important.

If that solves the problem then you need to pickup a display emulator like this:

I’m using these on all of my headless Macs and I have no issues with Roon (or anything else). Also has the added benefit of being able to create a larger virtual screen in a remote session.

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I can confirm I bought one of the 4K Display emulators to clean up the pixilation and sluggishness of the display when remoting. However femanburch’s description didn’t sound like this issue was related. But yes I did buy and use one of those little gadgets.

Server is actually hooked up to a TV via HDMI, idea was to also use for Plex Media Player (server is running on another box).

Anyway, when I remote in with Apple Remote Desktop there is only a problem with responsiveness when Roon Server is running, once I quit that it is back to its normal snappiness.

What does the Apple Activity Monitor report? When my MacMini acts sluggish, I go to the Monitor.

Is Roonserver using 100%+ of CPU? Memory? Network?

Get a screenshot of those processes and post.

My Mac Mini runs mostly headless. It is connected to a Flatscreen for occasional viewing. No problems with responsiveness whether TV on or off.

Those Activity Monitor shots are enviable.

My setup is similar to yours except your MacMini has more memory and a later model. My Apple Screensharing works fine controlling the Mini from an iMac over wired internet. I use it to monitor daily backups, import new CD rips. Sometimes I will use Screensharing to control Roon on the Mini rather than from the Room remote running on the iMac.

I run the full Roon Core - not Roonserver - on my Mini because occasionally I like to display the current playing info on the big screen.


Other than a wifi problem, or a WD or SSD driver issue that appears only when the Roonserver is running, I am stumped.

Hope @support can help since you posted this elsewhere without a response.

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Perhaps it’s because it’s a Hackintosh?

Can you technically call it a Mac? :wink:

Hi @femanburch ----- Thank you for the report and apologies for the troubles. I’d like to gather some logs from you so our developers can have a closer look into this issue and will be contacting you via PM shortly with instructions.


So of course now I remote in and for the first time in a year the server is behaving normally. Did you sneak in and do something?!


Hi @femanburch ----- Thank you for the follow up. I wish I could take some credit here lol :wink: Just so we can understand this a bit more, was anything done differently this time when you setup your remote session?


Nothing different at all! I will putter around a bit this weekend to see if the problem has miraculously disappeared, or if I was doing something weird, or other …

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