Bug - Roon 1.8 crashes on Intel i9 Mac OS X 10.16.0

Roon server crashes every time I start an app.

This is what I did before app got into crash state:

  • Connected an external SSD
  • Added that external drive to Roon
  • Imported CD using dBpoweramp (was looking how to do that with Roon, but seems it’s not possible on Mac?)
  • Couldn’t eject CD after Dbpoweramp finished ripping; system warning was Roon is using it
  • Quit Roon and ejected the CD
  • Start Roon: end up in cash loop

I can see 16 logs under ~/Library/Roon/Logs named Roon_log.log and Roon_log.??.log
Here is the snippet from the log:

Roon Version:       1.8 (build 831) stable
OS Version:            Mac OS X 10.16.0
Hardware Version:      MacBookPro16,1
Mono Version: (2019-12/77769615db1)

Application Domain:    Roon.exe
Assembly Codebase:     file:///Applications/Roon.app/Contents/MonoBundle/Roon.exe
Assembly Full Name:    Roon, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null

CPU0 Description:      Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-9880H CPU @ 2.30GHz (64-bit)
CPU0 Num Cores:        Physical: 8 Logical: 16


   Exception Source:      Roon.Client.BrooModels
   Exception Type:        System.NullReferenceException
   Exception Target Site: Zones.UpdatePlatformNowPlaying
   Exception Message:     Object reference not set to an instance of an object
   Exception Data:        none

   --[ Stack Trace ]------------
   Sooloos.Client.Models.Zones.UpdatePlatformNowPlaying(Zone zone)
       Roon.Client.BrooModels.dll, IL 180, N 786
   Sooloos.Client.Models.Zones.ev_zone_changed(Zone zone)
       Roon.Client.BrooModels.dll, IL 10, N 82
   Sooloos.Client.Models.Zones.set_CurrentZone(Zone value)
       Roon.Client.BrooModels.dll, IL 143, N 1018
       Roon.Client.BrooModels.dll, IL 165, N 906
   Sooloos.Client.Models.Zones.ev_zones_changed(IDataSource datasource)
       Roon.Client.BrooModels.dll, IL 0, N 66
   Sooloos.Broker.SharedList`2.<OnChanged>b__32_0(DataSourceChangedDelegate h)
       Roon.Broker.Core.dll, IL 0, N 62
   Sooloos.Concurrency.EventHandler`1.Dispatch(Object o_cb_fireone)
       Roon.Broker.Concurrency.dll, IL 0, N 125
   Sooloos.Concurrency.EventHandlers.Dispatch(List`1 evs)
       Roon.Broker.Concurrency.dll, IL 49, N 349
       Roon.Broker.Concurrency.dll, IL 82, N 738
   Sooloos.Broker.State.BeginAccess(List`1 out_mutated_objects)
       Roon.Broker.Core.dll, IL 57, N 330
       Roon.Broker.Core.dll, IL 49, N 346
       Roon.Broker.Core.dll, IL 0, N 66
       BrooEngine.dll, IL 435, N 1302
       BrooEngine.dll, IL 0, N 46
   Sooloos.Application.Main(String[] argv)
       RoonLib.dll, IL 1305, N 7786
   RoonMac.Application.Main(String[] args)
       Roon.exe, IL 648, N 3162

Thanks for help!

Hey @Giorgi_Gegeshidze, are you still able to consistently reproduce this? I’ve never heard of something like this happening, so it’ll be interesting to know if you can reproduce this every time.