Bug: Roon plays wrong album version of the album when playning specific tracks

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Windows 10 - Roon 1.7.537 (latest as of writing)

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Description Of Issue
I noticed, while trying to play some albums than, if I choose to play a track/ part and not the whole album, roon plays the alternative version of the album. I attach some of the albums bellow.
There’s some pattern here all the albums are form Wiener Philharmoniker(their fault ??) and all have as a version where the cover image isn’t fully centered (like the Chopin’s image bellow for reference) .


Also this one

Hi @Stavros_Avramidis,

Can you elaborate on what you mean when a different version sometimes plays? Can you share a video or some additional screenshots detailing exactly what you’re seeing when this occurs?


Hello Dylan,
I uploaded a video hope the issue is more clear to you now - It’s kinda hard to explain it in words.
As you see I have in front of me the MQA version of the album. I click play(add to queue by default for me) on the first Symphony. But the tracks added are from the alternative non-MQA* version (that is confirmed by clicking on the tracks on queue and landing on the other version) also obvious by the alternative cover art of the version.

This happens on every Wiener Philharmoniker that has that “style” of alternative version.

* not an issue with MQA here since if I click the albums “play now” the tracks are correct and MQA.

Hope it’s a bit more clear now. Let me know

Hi @Stavros_Avramidis,

We’ve been trying to reproduce this issue with this album but so far things are playing as expected for us.

Can you reproduce the issue once more and make a note of the time that playback starts? We’d like to enable diagnostics and take a look at what is making your experience different from what we are seeing.


Hello @dylan I played the “Beethoven: Symphonies Nos. 5 & 7 by Carlos Kleiber” album (first pic) at ~17:24 Athens GR, GMT+3 time.
I played:

  • “Play now” on the album button - played the correct version.
  • Play (add to queue for me) on the “Sympony No.5…” (tracks 1-4) played the other version of the album.
  • Play specificaly the first track “Allegro con brio”. Roon couldn’t play it and skipped.

P.S. My roon account doesn’t have the same email to the forum account, so I sent you the my email address via PM.

EDIT: the indiviual track played fine after I tried again - correct album track (17:35) so the issue of skiping should be unrelated. I guess the problem is on the “multi-track” thingies only (compositions? I don’t rememmber how you call them)

Thanks, @Stavros_Avramidis! Diagnostics have been enabled and I’ll get the report over to the team for analysis. The team’s queue is a bit longer than typical right now due to their current testing schedule, but I’ll be sure to reach out ASAP when I hear from them.

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