BUG: Services streaming quality not persistent

I’m really fed up. I RUIN my 4G data package every month, just because Roon doesn’t keep my Services/Qobuz/Streaming Quality preferences. As soon as I change it, ten minutes later it comes back to the very best quality.


Roon & Qobuz is a disastrous integration, and I can’t believe that a software I paid 500 euros (!) (this is my most expensive software) is so crappy with issues and bugs pending during months.

If Roon search defaults to an album of different quality even if there’s a version that matches your choice, that’s a bug that should be fixed. You should include an example where the preference is not honored.
As far as I know, if an album is only available in higher resolution, then that’s what you’re going to get. I always check the versions available and choose CD quality if available before pressing ‘Play’.

Yep, I do the same and choose MQA quality if it’s available…

Hi Marian, hi Chrisla. The solution you mention works on local albums. What I mean here, is that when I want to listen to a Qobuz album, there is only one version available. And I want to LIMIT the streaming quality to CD, whatever the album. This option is visible in the attached screenshot. It used to work, but it doesn’t anymore, for months now.

I’ve just set my Qobuz to “CD 16/44” in settings and when I play an album that is listed as 24/96 the stream is showing as “Qobuz FLAC 44.1 Khz 16bit 2ch”

I’ll leave it for a while and see if the setting holds or, if like you, it changes back to hi-res

So I left it for an hour, played a few 24/96 albums and they all streamed at 16/44. The setting in services > Qobuz has remained as CD.

Just rebooted the core and the Qobuz setting has gone back to Hi-Res 24/192

I’m guessing that Roon is reading the quality from Qobuz and that is overriding the local value on startup, it may be that your Core is restarting intermittently.

What are you running the core on?

Hi @Philippe_Felix,

Sorry about the trouble. The next release of Roon contains a fix for this issue.


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