Bug: track display

Roon 2, 1353 on 13.6.1

Is the faint second three-digit (track number) a function of the fact that up to ‘9’ allows space, but ‘10’ and above does not?

A bug?

Looks like one.

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It does, doesn’t it.

Is it possible that it hasn’t been noticed and/or reported before?

If not, how to report it now, please?

I guess move it to Feedback and pray. We are being assured that Roon staff read every topic in Feedback

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Read and act upon are very different things. Still no fix for comments in sharing albums in iOS been some time since I reported and others.

That’s why I said pray and not „if you post there it will be fixed“


Thanks. So moved.

Not a big problem. But would be nice to see it fixed.

As I say, just strange that this seems to be the first time anyone’s noticed it :slight_smile:

What is this album? I’m curious as to how you have more than 100 tracks on a disc…

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BTW, I can confirm that this bug exists - I’ve just looked at my “album” of the In Our Time podcast series (which has more than 1,000 episodes), and indeed, there it is (just never noticed it before)…

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Many ‘Classical’ collections have that many (and more) tracks in total.

This one is 13 CDs.

Thanks for picking up. Is it possible to put it on a fix list, please?

No use asking me - I am not a staff member of Roon Labs. However, all Feedback posts are read by the Roon Labs team.

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Understood. Thanks!

Whoever moved it , it’s now in @support


I moved it there because another thread suggested that was likely to be more effective.

If that was wrong, please feel free to move it back!

Thanks :slight_smile:

There are no guarantees anyway. I would have thought it’s enough if they read it as they are supposed to in feedback.

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Thanks, Mario. Moved back!

:slight_smile: !

While that’s true, the usual convention for numbering multi-disc sets is to start each disc with track 1 rather than continue incrementing the track numbers across disc boundaries…

Does Presto do this as standard?

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Thanks for following up; and for advising me of the conventions for Roon!

Would you say that I should always follow that convention and split my sets of FLAC files into how they were presumably almost always released as individual CDs? Is that considered Roon best practice?

I have tagged sets like this both ways over time.

Sometimes the original distribution across physical disks is no longer readily apparent. So - on those occasions - I have assumed it would be artificial to divide them that way for Roon. Especially when a single work may actually cross 'CD’s; and so when it would make more sense not to split a set!

But if Roon expects and ‘benefits’ from being imported the way you suggest, I’ll gladly think again :slight_smile: .

Yes, I’d say that the majority of Presto listings (and indeed the FLAC files; and often - seemingly apparently arbitrarily - divided into multiple zips) are numbered from one to nnn regardless.

As I say, it’s not impossible to hunt down the ‘original’ - say in AllMusic etc - and add them in my tagger (Yate). Should I be doing that, do you think, please?

For multidisc sets, this article gives Roon’s preferences:

For general file tag best practice:

Thanks very much, Geoff, for those two articles.

The first makes it plain:

1. Accurate track numbers, (meaning each disc starts with Track 1)
2. Accurate media numbers (meaning each disc is numbered Disc X of Y, with Y being the total number of discs in the set)

I can see I have some work to do.

Although it would be nice to think that the 3-digit bug were solved eventually, it’s easy to see why it has come about: no single ‘CD’ (and corresponding set of files) is ever likely to have more than 99 individual works/movements/numbers, is it.

So - much appreciated :slight_smile: !