Bug: Tracks imported into Library have date of 1 January 1

Hi @Geoff_Coupe and @AMP —— Thanks for your patience here!

I have had our QA team trying to reproduce this behavior and they have been getting some mixed results. In light of this the team has asked me to gather some core and remote logs from @Geoff_Coupe so they can have a closer look into this behavior being experienced.

Geoff, with this in mind may very kindly ask you to please perform the following:

  1. Please reproduce the issue and note the time when it occurs.

    1. So I go to the Tracks browser, display the Path, and filter on the word “Imported”. I discover the files have been imported, but with a date added of “1 January 1”

    2. Sure enough, if I go to the Albums browser, sort by Date added, the contents of the USB stick are there as my oldest albums

  2. After the issue has been reproduced please use the support ID found just below in conjunction with the instructions found here to send us over a set of your logs

    support ID: e99e7dd6-a5f0-4ca6-834e-fcf8ddc41572

Note: The support ID should be entered in on the Win10 remote where the issue was reproduced. This procedure will provide us with logs not only from the Win10 remote but also from your core machine as well :sunglasses:

Many thanks!