Bug Update Roon - Mac book Pro

Does anyone have the same problem as me regarding the Roon update on a Mac Book Pro?
unable to update.
always the same error message: Error while checking for an update
view the photo
what could this be from?
in advance thank you for your feedback and help.

Roon 2.0 requires macOS 10.15x or higher. It may be due to the version of the OS on the Macbook Pro.

If not there are download links and instructions for upgrading to 2.0 here:

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merci pour le retour.
je vais regarder la version de mon Mac et le lien mentionné.

Hi @Romuald_Martin,

I looked at the diagnostics information and found that you’re in fact running a compatible version.

Try using this link to update your Mac directly.

Please let me know.


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