Bug when changing from CD to HiRez to CD quality in latest version

I just updated to 1.4 (294) and notice an unpleasant bug. Whenever changing from an album playing to another album with different resolution, my Devialet Pro stops playing.

Changing from an album to another with the same resolution is fine.

I observe this problem for the first time in Roon versions.

It seems that something makes the Devialet disconnect and I need to switch through inputs on the amp to make it stream again.

Roon 1.4 (294) core on iMac and remote on my laptop.
OS 10.13.2
The Dev is connected by ethernet.

Thanks for the feedback and sharing this observation you have made with us, @WKW. The insight is very appreciated!

Moving forward, may I very kindly ask you to please verify what firmware version the Devialet Pro is currently running?


That’s it:

Devialet OS 2.1
Firmware 12.1.2