Bug with favorite tracks in Tidal [Resolved in Build 333]

New to Roon, and I’m sorry if this has been posted before, but there seems to be an obvious bug with the Tidal ‘favorite’ functionality in Roon. I’ve noticed that if you favorite an individual track on an album in in Tidal, then the rest of the album seems to completely disappear in the Tidal section in Roon. So basically it becomes impossible to listen to the remaining tracks on the album. The only way to fix this is to ‘un’-favorite the the tracks in Tidal, and the entire album will appear again.

Upgrade to the latest version (Build 333)–there is a new navigation path for this as of a few hours ago.

After navigating to the full album, you can listen to all of the tracks, or add it to your library as an album if desired.

What timing! That worked!