Build 102 Crashed, Blue Screen, Dump File points to Roon

As I was firing up my system last night when Roon started it alerted me build 102 was available so i restarted the app and then had some issues with my computer not seeing my DAC, which may or may not have been related to build 102. I simply deleted the old DACdrivers and then with DAC on and connected reinstalled the drivers and all was good… I was 3 hours into my listening session without glitch and then the music suddenly stopped, my PC monitor came to life with a blue screen and a lot of words on it. By the time I got to the screen windows was already rebooting, it booted the “your computer did not shut down properly do you want to open in safe mode or normal”. I selected normal it rebooted and I restarted Roon and HQPlayer and resumed playing music. This time tho Roon kept analyzing (the circle in the upper right by the bookmark kept spinning) this went on for over 45 minutes. I noticed my track count was down by about 3000 (all missing from the same master folder on my external HDD), Roon was not syncing with tidal and my history was unavailable. Yet Roon and HQPlayer could still play music.

This is a new dedicated audio windows 7 pro pc (64 bit), that went into service on Jan 22, it has very limited programs on it, win 7, SSD utility, Google Chrome, Adobe reader, Audio Fidelizer (free), tidal, Roon, HQPlayer that’s it. Intel i7-4790 processor, 8 GB RAM, 120GB SSD, gigabyte H81N MB with DACup USB out. Since I shut down last night I have not restarted the audio PC.

All other versions of Roon had worked flawlessly on this PC (99 and maybe 94 for first day).

I would take a the windows logs to see if there are any error messages, since the issue started with a blue screen.

@Rugby, thanks when I get home this evening I will check them out. Tho not sure it will be obvious to me what the issue was. we’ll see.

If you find an error in the windows logs, post it. Usually if windows throws a blue screen up, there us a red critical error logged to go with it.

@Rugby, will do.

Okay now I am in way over my head, Opened event viewer and see lots of events. Blue screen and unexpected shut down happened apprx 12:05 am 2/4. Here are some screen shots, but as I stated a bit over my knowledge base.

Those seem to be the main issues. Looks like this is OT now but Roon still does not sync with tidal, 3000 tracks are still missing, and I show no history (well roon just dances but never finds history). I have no idea how to read a DMP file. Short of reformatting and reinstalling everything can I fix this?

I maybe computer illiterate, but I am stubborn here is the crash dump analysis and it does point to ROON, now what?

Hey @John_Makela – sorry for the trouble here. One thing to keep in mind is that it’s not possible for Roon to cause blue screen-type issues. These can only be caused by issues with drivers kernels, which Roon can of course use.

So if there’s a bug in your audio driver or graphics driver, it could absolutely cause crashes or bluescreens with “Roon” in them (as shown above).

In the first post in this thread, you mentioned deleting the old DAC drivers and installing new ones. I would confirm the new ones are the latest, or roll back to the old ones and see if things get any better. Happy to continue helping here, but everything you’re describing points to something going wrong at a lower level than Roon.

@mike is right in that it isn’t Roon itself which caused the error. That is why I suggested looking in the Windows file. The error you listed, as in all things Windows, can be caused by several things, drivers being a leading culprit followed by some RAM going bad. Like Mike suggested, I would start by cleaning out the DAC drivers and reloading them. I would also narrow down the running software to just Roon and not have anything else active while testing. If you get Roon working 100% then I’d add the other software back.

@mike I uninstalled all old DAC drivers and then downloaded the drivers again from the mfg.'s website. I then went to intel and downloaded the latest graphics drivers for my machine (intel HD Graphics 4600). Rebooted computer and roon now sees about 1500 more tracks, so still missing about 1500. Roon lets me see tidal whats new but I cannot open any tidal albums, when I click my favorites (in tidal) nothing appears. I still show no history just a dancing roon icon. The circle in the upper right still spins and spins. So The only thing that moved me in the right direction was finding apprx 1500 more tracks from my main folder on my external HDD.

Should I un-install roon (of course back up database first) then reinstall.

Why don’t you find your Roon folder and rename it to something else temporarily, like Roon_old. Then, you can safely reinstall Roon and see if you’re able to use Roon with a new database.

Let’s confirm that things work as expected with a fresh install, then we can revisit the current one once we see how that goes.

@mike, Will do, but heading to work now so tonight. To confirm name current roon folder roon_old. Un-install roon then reinstall roon, of course there will be no real data base since it is a clean install? Also should I delete the application folder in my current roon folder before naming roon-old?

Thank you and be well

@mike so back to it. Named old roon folder roonold. Installed fresh roon 64 bit, and opened, my HDD was not on, I was seeing if tidal would work. It found my album favorites in tidal about 236 and they played, this is good. I then deleted roon and shut down computer. I turned on my dac and then rebooted computer, then turned on my HDD which windows acknowledged. I then changed the name of my old roon folder to roon ( the application folder was not there). Then I downloaded roon, opened it; Roon does not see my HDD (explorer sure does), my albums count says 241 of 153, when I go to history the roon logo just dances and if I click tidal the roon logo again dances. Obviously something is corrupt in my data base or cache from the old setup.

I can play albums that show up in my albums of roon, which are tidal. So should I just forget my old history and nuke it and start from scratch or can I just delete a part of it and preserve most of my history?