Build 102, Good job

Continuing the discussion from Roon 1.1 (Build 102) is live!:

Just downloaded Build 102.

Like that the Queue now shows time remaining - very nice.
You guys seem to have fixed a few other things that you haven’t even listed / taken credit for… I noted the TIDAL labels in the genre listings are now fixed and in the right place. Also, might be just me, but I cant remember having the TIDAL 'New , ‘Recommended’ and ‘Top 20’ options before or the tracks listings (?). Prbably did but just didnt notice it!

Anyway, thanks for such quick releases.

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Nope, not new. Thanks for queuing me into the time remaining feature in the queue.

24/192 music crashes after about 15 sec. over RAAT with my AURALiC Aries. Same songs from same file source work fine with Lightning Server.

The stream ist still send over the ethernet (9 Mbps) but no sound anymore. 24/96 works fine.

Sorry to write this. But this is not the first ossue after an update.Most probably I will wait a few weeks in future with my updates.