Roon 1.1 (Build 102) is live!

Hey everyone! Build 102 is now live!

Like our last few releases, this is a maintenance release focused on getting bug fixes and performance improvements out to everyone now, as work continues on our forthcoming 1.2 release.

Build 102 contains a fix for a long-standing storage bug that should ensure Roon is more responsive to changes in your file tags. While the effects of this bug were relatively narrow, note that a database update and re-extraction of your tags will be required when you update. Thanks for your patience.

Two playback bugs have also been resolved for Build 102, one related to RAAT endpoints and one related to DSD playback using HQPlayer. An issue causing instability when a 64bit build was watching an iTunes library was also addressed, along with an identification bug related to tracks that start with numbers.

Along with these bug fixes, a couple pieces of minor functionality are included in Build 100. Volume leveling now works with TIDAL content, and the TIDAL “Add To Library” button is clearer, with a spinner and a warning if the process is taking too long. An update to Signal Path was also implemented to reflect HQPlayer’s new “Auto” behavior in 3.13b3.

Lastly, one more reminder about some changes we’ve made to our cloud metadata service to address artist equivalence issues. I’ve detailed those changes, and the ongoing work associated with them, here so please let us know about any issues you notice in your collections.

Work for 1.2 is in full swing, and there is so much coming to be excited about. Definitely keep the feedback, feature requests, and metadata corrections coming. Thanks everyone!

The Team at Roon Labs

Roon v1.1 (Build 102) Release Notes

##New Functionality

  • Volume Leveling works for TIDAL content
  • TIDAL Add To Library button is improved
  • Signal Path updated to reflect HQPlayers new “Auto” behavior
  • Queue always displays time remaining

##Bug Fixes and Improvements

A number of bugs reported by members have been addressed, including:

  • Fixed an inconsistency when updating the database during the processing of file moves. This should improve the situation when attempting to fix multi-disc set clumping by editing tags or file system layout
  • Fixed an issue with adding profile pictures on multiple platforms
  • Scanning iTunes xml is now more stable on 64-bit builds
  • Album editor ‘Metadata Preferences’ tab issue resolved
  • Genre details: crash when selecting an artist/album fixed
  • Fixed garbled/unreliable playback behavior for RAAT endpoints under certain conditions
  • Fixed DSD playback issue with HQPlayer where the seek bar freezes after multiples of 3m10s during DSD playback, and then bad playback/transport behavior follows.
  • Issue causing bad identifications if track title starts with a number resolved
  • Tidal: Scroll bar for ‘View all artists’ page fixed
  • Crash caused by bookmarking ‘view all’ page resolved

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Note: Tablet versions of Roon have been submitted to the Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Build 102 will be live for supported Android tablets and iPads as soon as their respective approval processes complete.