Build 147 No longer streams to Airport Express or Apple TV

Hi community.

Up until a few weeks ago all was swimming with my Roon v1.2 build. I was streaming music from room to room via my airport express (Gen 1) and Apple TV (Gen 5) to my home entertainment amplifiers via optical and HDMI connections…but alas, this was not to last.

Between upgrading my Airport Express (Gen 1 on 7.6.7) and Airport Extreme (Gen 6 on 7.7.7) firmware to I can no longer stream Roon music via “airport”.

In my diagnostic attempt to solve this problem I have noticed the following:

  1. iTunes has no trouble streaming music to my airport devices…so there is no problem with my PC talking to my router talking to my devices talking to my amplifiers.
  2. Roon cannot stream anything to any device except if connected directly to my laptop (which is an Asus N73J running Windows 10 on 64bit)
  3. Roon struggles to play the first music file I serve it when attempting to stream to airport, normally I need to skip a track before it “plays” though no music comes out. Interestingly, this problem does not happen when I play the same song direct to speakers connected to the PC.

All these problems occurred since updating the airport firmware, which leads me to suspect that somehow Roon 1.2 has not been updated to talk to the new Apple firmware.

Has anyone else experienced the same problem? and if so, how have they fixed it?

Would love to hear from you…as it would be a shame to walk away from this setup.



Hi Justin,

Are you still having an issue? If so, maybe we can flag @eric to take a look.

Cheers, Greg

@Greg ----- Thank you for flagging me down :sunglasses:

@Justin_Alblas ---- Let me know the status concerning the above and we can start the troubleshooting process if need be, thanks!