Build 247 update - 24bit truncated to 16bit[answered]


This issue has just surfaced after weeks of trouble-free use - after applying the build 247 update.

All 24bit files are being truncated to 16bit - whether local or TIDAL.

My setup:

Roon Server (247) running on ROCK
Roon (247) running on MacBook Air (Sierra 10.12.6)

B&W MM-1 speakers attached via USB to the MacBook.

Please let me know what further info you need to investigate futher.

Thanks, Simon

Hello @Simon_Finch,

Can you please open Device Settings of the MM-1, take a pic of General and Playback tabs and share them with us ?


Hi Vova

Here you go:


Hey @Simon_Finch,

We think that the behaviour you are seeing after an update is correct. First, MM-1 only supports 16/48 over USB. Surprisingly, manufacturer avoids mentioning supported sample rates anywhere on their website, but we’ve seen a lot of scattered reports about that in the internet ( here is an example ). Second, before this build there was a bug in our CoreAudio implementation which was falsely reporting incorrect bit depth.

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Okay, thanks Vova - good to know.

As the MM-1s are my speakers of choice when working I’ll look into by-passing their built-in DAC.