Build 276 Synology DS918+ with Roon core+libs does not hibernate

Roon core and libraries are at the Synology Diskstation. This diskstation does not hibernate anymore. Audio analysis was done and is now switched off. Hibernation is also not taking place when the networkplayer where the bridge is operating is completely off.
Putting the core to a complete stop in the package center of the Synology makes the diskstation going into hibernate state after the while according the timer.

Would like to have the diskstation going info hibernate mode when there is no operation. Gives good reduction of energy consumption and meanwhile a lengthening of the lifetime of the HDDs.

(There used to be a setting for a timer to scan the library, this has been replaced by continuous watch? Does this influence the active state?)

Kind regards,Edwin
Software Roon core is V1.3 build 276 stabel 64 bits.

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hhmm, not many responses up till now.
It is not so comfortable switching the Roon package on and off for a period of listening to prevent the system being all 24/7 in active state with all 4 disks spinning.

Do the other Synology diskstations hibernate?
Really would like some others to check.

And how is it on the Qnap products?

I cannot knock on the door of Synology because Roon is a third party package.
My Synology 918+ is running the latest DSM 6.1.4-15217 Update 3

Hi @KeysAndSax,

I switched 3 weeks ago to a Synology DS718+ and experience the same issue. My old DS212 used for backups does hibernate.

Maybe @support can shine a light on it.


I have the same issue on a 916+. I have set my NAS to auto power down at night as a schedule. It’s a bit of a patch solution but the only way I know how to reduce the HDD run time.

Paul and Steve,
thanks for response, it seems structural since the update to build 276.
I would like to hand over the problem to @support.
Regards Edwin.

Did it work before build 276?

No it’s been an issue for quite a while. I posted a thread months ago. If I had to have a guess I think that if Roon is “live”watching the music folders for any changes then the NAS has to stay awake for this? Would be good to either have the option to switch off the live watch or maybe be able to schedule the Roon core to sleep somehow? I’m not a programmer so have no idea.

Hi Crieke,
at home I did several changes close together in time. Before installing Roon core to the Synology (918+) the system hibernated and it was noticeable that the HDDs took time to start spinning. The music files were at that moment already at the Synology
Something like a day after installing Roon core to the Synology the update to build 276 came. After a few days I noiticed that there was no hibernation any more.
To regain hibernation I not only stopped but also completely removed all optional packages from the Synology, this was without effect.
Now only stopping Roon makes the Synology go into hibernation after a while. Only then the information about starting up from hibernation comes back to the system log. It is not from overlooking hibernation when Roon is in passive state.

I am having the exact same issue. I used to have Roon core on my DS716+II and it used to go into hibernation just fine. Recently I switched to a 1517+ and wasn’t able to get it to go into hibernation mode while Roon core was running. Stopping Roon core will enable hibernation to kick in.

This is not desirable since it’s a hassle to manually manage the app and hibernation. But it’s also a waste to not let a 1517+ go into hibernation mode considering the energy savings.

Would very much like to get a solution for this issue.

Thanks in advance.

This is interesting. I assume the used spk was the same on both devices? When you installed RoonServer on the 1517+, was that already a newer build of RoonServer?

I could not really make any test yet here, as I need to finish some work projects first, but I have this on my radar. I will try to reproduce this (also on a standard Linux system), but due to upcoming holidays and christmas celebrations I can currently give no timeframe…

Hello Rieke,

I have no clue what you mean with “spa”. I installed the new 1517+ this week so definitely a new build of Roon server.

It came to my attention because the new NAS consumes allot more electricity. So I performed some hibernation tests. In all fairness the DS716+II with the latest versions of Roon server would more then likely also fail to go into hibernation. I just haven’t been paying much attention to the DS716+II’s hibernation behavior lately. All I know is that a couple of months ago it would go into hibernation with Roon server running. So there is certainly something up with the lastest of builds.

Hi, There are some details that might help.
Yesterday I updated to Roonserver 1.4 build 291 (64 bit).
No change, Synology 918+ stays awake.

In non-active state (no webpage, no music, remote bridge off) the “Roonappliance” service varies in used CPU time between 0; 0,1% and 0,2%. The figure changes every few till 10 seconds.
Altough there is no Roon activity running, the taskmanager shows the process “RoonAppliance” switching between sleep and activated about every 10 - 20 seconds. It uses 548 MB dedicated and 108 MB general memory of the 4GB.

Sorry, that was an autocorrect error. I meant spk (the file extension for Synology packages) and corrected it in my post above.

Yeah I used the same .spk.

So Crieke, have you been able to reproduce the issue?

not yet, as I am currently (due to Christmas) at my family’s place in Münster…

@support I respect that everybody is busy these days but I find it rather strange that it takes more then 30 days to confirm an relatively obvious issue. For me its essential that the core functions correctly on my NAS, as my Hifi setup has been configured this way. With the currently hibernation problem I need to manually manage the application on my NAS which leads to certain scripts not functioning correctly. In the end, for me, its making Roon a hassle to use. I would like to get this problem addressed as fast as possible. We all pay a substantial fee in order to use Roon.

The 3 harddisks in my Synology are now running non stop since the end of November. With a regular standby to switch down they could have been running around 20% of that time. The excess of used power in my situation is 2/3 of the solar power harvest with 18 panels in the month December (badest month of the year).
I don’t like this situation and I really hope that Roon support is taking action in this.

I am currently trying to figure this out. I could see the same behavior with my Synology. Also checked it on a standard ubuntu linux. The drives spin down on ubuntu with RoonServer. So I am trying to figure out what is different with RoonServer and Synology…

Hi Rieke,
in my Synology 918+ there is some Roon related disk action taking place although Roon is not active. I stopped playing more then 16 hours ago (emtying the queue) and switched off the network server where Roon bridge is situated. There is no Roon remote screen open.

In source control of the Synology there is a task manager. Under the service Roon there is a subservice RoonAppliance. This subservice is writing every now and then information to the disk. It shows shortly amounts of 1,0 till 1,3 kb/s and this is with pauses of a few seconds till a minute or so. Enough to keep the storage awake.

Hope this is of any help.
KR, Edwin