Build 354 Missing Display Options

I upgraded to build 354 and was excited to see the display options.

For some reason under my settings, I don’t have that configuration section. Also, my lyrics are not the real time lyrics, but still just the white sheet of lyrics.


@support I have the same problem. No display options when I click on the volume button in the available audio devices and no display option in the setup menu.

When I try to use the Chrome Cast I can hear the music but the screen of my tv freezes with the grey ‘Roon’ splash screen of Chrome Cast.

The button for the scrolling lyrics is available.

Are you sure you released the right build?

Same here too. No Displays section in Settings. Core already rebooted. :confused:

Sorry guys, restart again and it should work. We had this on a feature switch (controlled by our servers) to manage rollout, and it was flipped the wrong way :blush:

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It works now. Thanks @brian. :+1:t2:

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