Build 571 Lost All Roon Bridge Settings

Hi everyone,

We’ve been looking into some reports about RoonBridge configurations being reset after the update, and wanted to pass on some additional information.

Over the last few months we’ve made some changes to how we generate and release updates. While the latest update does not include any changes to RAAT or the way Roon Bridge communicates with your Core, our investigation has revealed some cases in which Roon will recognize the Bridge installation as new, requiring you to re-apply settings. We know this is inconvenient, but rest assured this is a one-time occurrence, and these changes will ensure stable updates in the future when we improve RAAT or the Roon Bridge application.

The release also syncs RoonBridge version numbering with Roon. While these products won’t always update in lock step in the future, note that this should have no visible (or audible) effects.

Thanks for your patience here, and again you have our apologies for any inconvenience.

Roon Support

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