Build 65 JPLAY 6.2 no longer works (Windows 10)

Only indicates attempting to play the first 0.1 seconds, then progress bar halts. JPLAY never outputs any sound. Other players (e.g. HQPlayer) work fine with JPLAY 6.2 on the same machine.
Ronn build 55 had no issues.

Hi mzbe,

Can you explain what you were doing that now no longer works in more detail ?

Edit: For example, what zone are you sending sound to in Roon and what audio settings are you using ?

Also please check with different settings in JPLAY

Add JPlay 6.2 as one of the playback zones.
Play back a track in another zone - works fine.
Switch to JPlay 6.2.
Play back same track as before - no sound and track indicator doesn’t progress past the first 0.1 seconds of the track.

Marcin - JPlay is working fine with other players, and was working with build 55 of Roon. I haven’t changed any settings. Which ones should I try?

I’ll try to reproduce tomorrow and will let you know

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JPlay 6.2 works fine here with build 65 on Windows 10 PC. I can Transfer between my JPlay zone and other zones fine. I can also switch zones and playback tracks OK on any zone.

Sorry this does not help you any but thought you might want to know.


@vova is going to look at this tomorrow and see if he can reproduce the problem.

I can’t think of what might have changed on our end to break JPlay in build 65. We made very few changes in that part of the system between 55-65, and none of them really explain the behavior you’re describing.

Roon Bridge Version 1.0 (Build 64) stable + JPLAY 6.2 does not work on Windows 10.
Other Player + JPLAY is no problem on same PC.

Roon Bridge Version 1.0 (Build 86) stable + JPLAY 6.2 works on Windows 10.
But it plays 44.1KHz only.

It can play until DSD256 by enabling only JPLAY Driver(ASIO).