Build 846 update searching for linux core

The update came through for my Sonic Transporter i9 and it just keeps looking for my Roon Core?? Everything is updated per Small Green Computer’s specs. Not sure why this is happening?

I think you guys sent the BETA last week and the same thing happened. Now it’s stuck looking for Roon Core??

Hi @Spence_Marquart, have you updated your remotes as well?

What remotes do you speak of?

The Roon Remote(s) you use to control your Sonic Transporter.

Is there a download for the desktop version on the website? I think it only downloaded the Roon Core server for my Sonic Transporter.

You can update from Settings > About – the update is still rolling out though, so you may need to give it some time.

I can’t get to settings since it’s looking for my roon core??

Sorry Spence, my mistake, there is no Build 846 update for Roon Remote.

It looks like you were on Beta at some point and we’re currently in the middle of switching folks from Beta to production, which may take a few hours. Please give it some time and let’s check back in later – in the meantime, it wouldn’t hurt to reboot your core, remotes, and networking equipment.

BETA messed everything up with my system. So I reverted back and asked that they don’t sent me any more BETA versions. I just got the update today and hoped it would work. I already restarted the Sonic Transporter and nothing working.

I’m basically stuck? How can I get Roon to work again??

Can you try reinstalling? Go to the software manager and delete Roon, then reinstall it. → manage → apps → software manager

Wouldn’t that be a clean install? I don’t wanna start over.

AFAIK it’s not a clean install, but no sweat if you’ve got a recent backup.

So would I be loading the newest version of Roon server??

Yes. If the update fails again, best you get in touch with Andrew using the Contact Us button on the Small Green Computer website.

Okay I’m already in touch. @agillis

Reinstalling Roon Server didn’t fix it. Has this been thoroughly tested on the Sonic Transporter platform? I’m having Andrew Gillis look at it but it’s currently not working.

@agillis was able to help me reinstall Roon server. Appears to be working fine. A bit snappier at first but will test for a few days as it typically lags after a while.


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I’m still seeing some lagging between tracks after 35 seconds. Hopefully it won’t get worse as I go along…

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