Build 88 - Can't add artwork

Running RoonServer on OSX.

I can’t add artwork using the manual drag and drop, even from local file on desktop. When I try and rescan to pick up artwork it picks a smaller scan of the back of the CD ignoring the larger folder.jpg scan of the front which is in the same directory.

Sorry for the slow response here @dpstjp – did you figure this out? Where are you trying to drop the artwork? Any error message?

No error message. I was dropping it onto the dotted box that appeared when I hit the add artwork option in Field edit.

I need to recheck whether it’s still working as the rescan eventually started working and picking up the larger folder artwork.

I also have problems dropping an image onto the image well when editing my profile to choose a new avatar. The dialog goes away when I drop. Seems like there might be a larger drag and drop issue.

This should’ve been fixed in Build 102. Anyone still having issues here?