Build 88 is now on the App Store as an update and it works fine on the iPad Pro

Continuing the discussion from Roon iPad Version 88 – Awaiting Apple Approval:

Looks great! Congratulations

I’m on a 4th generation iPad and can’t download/instal the Roon remote app. I receive the message ‘CANNOT LOAD’ This app is not compatible with your device. Is it not?

Hi Mike,

No. Check this out.

Cheers, Greg

Congrats, looks gorgeous on a pro!

How it the pro layout different from the other iPads?

I doubt there is a layout difference, just looks subjectively better due to beat screen on the iPad pro.

Just wondering if more fits on the screen or is it just bigger?

@joe_viola – it fits more.

I got it! It’s gorgeous on my iPad pro!


Anyone with an iPad pro willing to share some screen shots of maybe the overview, artist and album views? I have an iPad Air but thinking of getting the pro for dedicated Roon

Hope these are OK and give you some idea of real estate.


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Thanks helps a bunch. Overview page looks like a lot of wasted space.