Build 923 - Displays no longer have a "light" option / Unnatural Aspect Ratio

Roon Core Machine

Windows 11, i7

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet cat 6, netgear GS108

Connected Audio Devices

Buckhardt A500

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I hadn’t noticed any of this before build 923 so I hope it is not my memory playing tricks but I don’t find “displays” an improvement on my 43 inch flat screen Chromecast displays with the one exception that there appears to be a small improvement in the logic of the layout of Classical recording information.

I don’t like the change of my “light” theme to dark. What is the point of having light and dark options if they are being mixed up? I personally find it very difficult to read white on black, especially from a distance. The fonts seem to have changed as well adding to legibility problems when there is a more cluttered Classical screen. I don’t like the change of the “jellyfish” logo to “roon” either. On a less cluttered pop screen it is not so noticeable but on a more cluttered Classical screen the larger “roon” logo compared with the old “jellyfish” one means a few additional characters must be lost on the right to make room

I also don’t like the change of aspect ratio. Especially with head shots or shots of instrumentalists like Cellists with an already strong vertical line to the image there is a very unnatural vertical stretching of the artist image. Scared the cat. The display images now look very different to the laptop and iPad images I use as remotes. I am sure there were some differences in aspect ratio prior to build 923 to accommodate different devices but I wasn’t as aware of it so I assume something has been changed unless my memory really is playing tricks on me?

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