Build 94 - With HQ Player - unable to use fwd/back buttons

I’m currently using build 94 on a headless server, being controlled by an ipad pro running build 88 and playing onto a dual PC JPLAY setup that is running HQ Player. That was a bit of a mouthful :wink:

Build 94 appears to have fixed quite a few of the HQP glitches which caused it to crash (although I am getting HQP crashes with random higher bit rate tracks - I have yet to investigate where the problem is on that though) but whenever I use the transport buttons fwd/back the track generally moves onto the appropriate track but doesn’t play. I then wait for something to happen. Realise nothing is going to happen. Press play and then the song starts.

I am assuming that this isn’t an expected behaviour and that if the previous song is playing and I hit next, the next song should just start. I believe that this also happened to me with build 88 on the server.

Is this isolated to me or a general observance?

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Hi Crom,

I’ve merged this into a common thread as it seems to be the same issue. Let me know if you don’t think that is the case.

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