Build 943: Focus on the Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad integration

Have posted this feedback in the feedback thread already (Roon 1.8 (Build 943) Feedback) but think a separate thread is valuable, as we can avoid some clutter.

First of all: I am very happy with the support added for the Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad. Mostly I find it works very well, but now after a few days of use I have found some issues with the implementation.

  1. If you try to change position of a track in the play queue, it doesn’t quite behave as expected.

The picked track gets selected and “releases from its position”, but when you try to hold and drag it away from its original position with the trackpad, you simply scroll the whole play queue up and down, while the picked track stays in its original position.

Peculiar. :slight_smile:

More feedback regarding Apple iPad + Magic Keyboard:

  1. When doing input to the search field, the music is paused when hitting the spacebar. I have to manually click play again to continue listening. It seems the spacebar acts as a global pause key, no matter if the cursor is in an input field or not. It would be preferable if this was context aware, so only when not in any input field, the spacebar should act as a global pause key.

I never saw this previous to this release using the Magic Keyboard. Unfortunately I can’t remember if the spacebar acted as a global pause key in previous releases or not.

Also peculiar. :slight_smile:

About the space bar, in the Windows version you could always us the space bar for play/pause on an album screen, but it does not play/pause when typing into the search field, and it still does not with 943. I think this is an issue only on Apple devices and maybe in all of them with 943 if I recall correctly from the 943 feedback thread

A bit surprised for the lack of comments here, as so many were asking for full support of the Magic Keyboard for iPad. Have I found the only two misbehavings, or am I alone with these?

4 days ago in the feedback thread

Scanned the thread before I posted, but could then not find that mention. Cool, not only me then.

Yes. Issue #2 is driving me nuts. It’s why I finally joined the Roon Labs Community to point out the bug to the Roon development team.

The worst part for me is that if I have a search term with multiple words, that means that I have to hit the Space Bar multiple times. So the music just starts/stops every time I hit the Space Bar.

This is unique to iPad + Magic Keyboard as people pointed out so my temporary solution is to lift up the iPad from the Magic Keyboard and use the touchscreen keyboard whenever I want to do a search. So ridiculous.

With the latest release (952) I am happy to see all these issues has been resolved. Nice!

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