Build 952 Feedback

Playlist added to Roon from Tidal does not work in 952. The play button is disabled. This is not an issue with Tidal album’s or playlist created from adding tracks. It only seems related to Tidal specific Playlists added. Strange bug. Not a good start with 952. Android

The release upgrade understandably solved some (not all) problems and ran smoothly under Linux Manjaro. The server and the GUI are up to date with the problem handling and I hope there are many more improvements.

Edit: I was having lock-ups with my Dell XPS 15 screen.

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Works for me with a newly imported one - had no older ones to try. Though older ones from Qobuz work

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I love the current cycle with two new builds every month… I feel that 1.8 is maturing nicely, like a fine red in its cask… On my very old iOS phone the new remote gives the impression of working much better, well done! Search too has shown great progress.

Two weeks ago some incredibly golden-eared friend from this forum noticed that the latest update had audibly increased the ‘pitch’ of played-back music. I can only hope this problem has been favorably resolved with this new release, as I wouldn’t ever know


No issues here, though I gritted my teeth preparing for the worst from another update

Good in the hood

Finding Android remote a bit skittish. Playback is not responding especially if its been in standby. Will reset cache and see if it improves.

I’m actually finding it quite a bit snappier so far.

Ios version looks very promising. No unexpected reconnections finally

Seems to be working and running quicker but I am having issues when trying to add albums as about every 15 to 20 albums added it will then freeze as if cannot load the album into roon. Quick restart of the remote on PC and is fine again done this about 5 times since I updated to the new build.

The core might be in a funny state, I’d reboot that too.
If you add lots of albums quickly it can happen.

Cheers Ged, my first thing to do was close core and remote down when it done it. As I am typing this it has done it again. First time I have had any issues with roon after an update as well. Just really annoying to have to close the remote reopen and start again.

If you’ve just updated to 952 the database update may be interfering with adding albums, maybe… :slightly_frowning_face:

My iOS remotes not reconnecting every time I bring them up on the screen is frigging awesome. Nicely done Roon! :ok_hand:t2:

Now please please sort out the seizure inducing scrolling and we can be besties :rofl:



Android still does this all the time, the reconnection thing I mean. No improvements here on that one.

Yep was thinking something similar, guess might start afresh as most my albums are on Qobuz or Tidal. That though can wait till tomorrow.

I have the same problem.

Its an existing Tidal Playlist with 94 Songs. Hip-Hop Tidal Masters.

The Big purple play button doesn’t work. Kind of disabled as it is a bit darker than usual.

I can play the playlist when I click on ‘play from here’ on a song directly though.

Also now doing something really strange which is playing music though nothing in the queue and player is showing nothing as playing so cannot stop it from playing without closing roon down. Definitely some gremlins somewhere!! :grimacing:

Same here for all of my Tidal playlists. Qobuz are all fine.

Every time Roon manages to fix something, it breaks something else.

Fun times eh.

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