Build 99 - Add to Library function is sporadic

Having multiple problems with the “+ Add To Library” function.

Problem One
Sometimes it works. Other times there is no response to clicking the button, and no spinner either.

I’ve noticed that if I click on the Add to Library button, and it does not work (no response, no spinner), then when I reboot my RoonServer, the album is added. I’ve done this three times. Result is always the same. Here’s pics…

Clicked Add to Library and nothing happens. No spinner either.

Rebooting RoonServer…

Screen I see when the RoonServer has restarted. It’s in the library now.

Problem two
Sometimes albums in my library do not show as such.

Here’s a Tidal album I got to by browsing albums. Clearly in my Library.

Next I can go to a local playlist that has that album. If I click the album, I get this… not in my library.

It’s worth noting however, that sometimes I can click that same album in the same playlist, and get this.

My Gear
Picture below should detail my setup.

Thanks for the help. :relaxed:

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