Build 99 Problem with Auralic Aries

Continuing the discussion from Roon 1.1 (Build 99) is live!:

The display of the aries doesn’t give right info anymore.
When i play music i see a pause or play indication and the track progress bar does nothing.
With build 94 of roon it works fine.

Greetz, Erno

Thanks for the report. I think I may know what happened.

Ok, my theory was wrong. I’ve contacted Auralic about this. I’m sure we’ll get it figured out.

Should we wait to install 99 when we use an Aries?

At worst this is just an issue with the front panel display. Music playback still works. I wouldn’t let it stop me from taking an upgrade.

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I have noticed that when I play an album from Roon that the Aries display looks like it’s paused at 0/0 and I can’t control it with the Auralic remote. Other times it shows the current track playing and I can start/stop. Anyone experience this or have an explanation?

We’ve heard some reports. Unfortunately, our in-house Aries is having a hardware issue that’s preventing us from investigating this problem, and we’re waiting for a replacement unit (it shipped out late last week).

As soon as it arrives, we’ll get this sorted out. Something about how the Aries is processing messages from Roon that relate to the front panel + remote control is going wrong, but we need to investigate further to determine whether the fix will be on our end or theirs.

The problem seems to have begun with Build 99, which suggests that we caused it, but I’m having trouble seeing how that could be based on the changes we made. Once the replacement device is in our hands, all will become clear.

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We received the device and got it powered up over the weekend. While the problem is easier to reproduce with Build 99, it can be reproduced with older builds too. The issue appears to be on the Aries side.

We’ve made a report to Auralic that explains the problem and our investigation. They are generally very responsive in these situations, though I don’t know exactly when they next intend to release a software update for the device.

Indeed, ditto here!

Please try version 3.1 from Auralic (released today).

You can update from the settings screens in Lightning DS.

I did and I can confirm that the display is perfectly in sync with Roon now. In general there seem to be performance improvements. No difference in SQ in my environment.

Yes! problem fixed with Aries firmware 3.1.
Roon build 99 works fine now! Thanks Roonlabs and Auralic!

I am on build 102 and just discovered my Aries display is having problems. I assume it’s just a coincidence but mine is just dimmed and uneven, the content (where I can see it) seems fine. Reset the display twice and no joy, so I sent them a support note. I didn’t mention about Roon though, perhaps I should have.

Do you have the latest Auralic Aries firmware?

Greetz, Erno

Yes I am on 3.1, set to automatic upgrades. I think Auralic is going to just replace it.