Roon and the Auralic Aries

The only issue is that Roon seems to loose contact with the Aries sometime for a brief time. Connection isn’t very stable (even though my network is wired)

Hi Evert,
Do you have a fixed IP address for the Aries in your router ? I found this improved connection issues with AirPlay and would expect it might also with RAAT.

Seems most have their problems but with some insistence they get through ! Great .

Just to be certain, I gave it a fixed one. All seems stable now.

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Thanks so much

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Thanks Brian, I’m sure you know Auralic also updated to 3.0 about the same time, not sure of the exact timeline of things.

From time to time (or after macbook sleep cycle) Roon 1.1 build 102 on OSX 10.11.3 loose connection to AriesRoonSpeaker. After Roon application restart it immediately connect to AriesRoonSpeaker.

Anyone else having this issue with Aries (firmware 3.1) and RoonSpeaker?

All should be fine from network perspective as when this happens I can still reach Aries via Airplay from the same mac.

Hope i have the correct fhread.

Hopefully soon ill be a ROON user. (See my thread with i4770k and Open GL 3.0)

I hsve been interested in aquiring an Aires, Roon and HQ Player for a while now. I have a friend with an Airies and admire its simplicity and sound quality.

Here are my thoughts and query.

ROON and the Airies are now compatible. ROON and HQPlayer work together. So is it possible to use all three together?

I would install ROON and HQ player on my i4770k Caps machine. I would continue to keep all PCM and DSD files n my server and connect the two via ethernet. I would connect the Airies to the iCAPS type machine via ethernet as well. Then I would use the Airies with its Lightning App installed on my iPad Air 2. Then I would connect the Airies which works with ROON to my Lampi DAC via USB.

Will this system work as planned? Or have iI overlooked something significant which will prevent this?

@sgr While I do not have all the answers you seek, if you wish to use Roon then you would use the Roon application on your iPad Air 2 for music selection and playback( make sure it is on the Roon supported iPads list ( needs to be 64 bit architecture on the iPad ).

Well, not really. Roon and HQPlayer can be used together, but be aware, they are definitely not integrated. When you setup HQPlayer and Roon, Roon hands off control of the audio stream to HQPlayer; which means that Roon looses control of the audio stream and the Roon Readyness of the Aries becomes moot as Roon will not be the control source any more. HQPlayer has its own audio endpoint control stream NAA which Aries does not support. One of the major reasons I don’t use HQP as I want Roon and its apps to control the audio stream.

You can use Roon directly to an Aries and then use Roon’s iPad app to control everything. Or you can have your Roon/HQPlayer PC directly plugged into your Lampi no Aries. Or you could try out the Sonic Orbiter SE which is both Roon and NAA endpoint ready and have it, and not an Aries, plugged into your Lampi.

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When it became clear that Roon/HQP would hand distribution to HQP I contacted Mr. Wang at Auralic by email and sought to persuade him that making the Aries an NAA would be a good thing. I think it would be relatively simple to do so. It is fair to say Mr. Wang wasn’t attracted to the idea, but by the end of our discussion he left it on a “possibly in the future” basis. He seemed to regard HQP as competition for Lightning DS, when I can’t see any cross-elasticity of demand there at all. I think the real competition is with other hardware solutions that support NAA. I will probably sell my Aries when Roon supports an Internet Radio solution, although I’m thinking seriously of attempting to hack it into an NAA.

I also want NAA built into the Aries!!!

But like I said elsewhere, if Roon is able to use some form of processing with say HQPlayer as an upsampler then back to Roon for RAAT distribution, then NAA will become irrelevant.

Anyone having problems with dropouts? Whether playing LAN content or Tidal, I’ve been hearing hiccups. Not only frustrating but unacceptable. Network is not the problem. Local content served from a 2012 Mac Pro with 48 GB on memory, so should have plenty of horsepower. Have rebooted Mac Pro, Aires, router, switches, router and modem. Still getting drop outs.

As useless a reply as this might be… No issues with a 2012 mini, latest OSX & Roon, Aries w fw 3.2 over wifi (mini over ethernet). Aries to DAC is AES.

I’ve been having dropouts on some 24/192 files, just stops playing altogether after a few seconds. DS Lightning plays the same files through without a hitch.

What OS are you running the core on? If Windows, it’s a known issue that will be fixed soon:

Thanks, I missed this. It is Windows 10

This seems to be my issue too. Shall I test your alpha version? (Windows 10, Aries, RAAT, 24/!92 issue after 18 sec.)

Anyone having a problem of Auralic Aries not being located as a Network device? Roon ver. 1.1 (build 102), Lightning DS ver. 2.4 and Auralic Firmware version 3.2. Used to work without a problem till about a fortnight back.