Building your own speakers

There’s a “rule of thumb” in the DIY speaker community - commercial designs will retail for about 10x the retail cost of the drivers in a build. The drive units in mine retail at about £730, my crossover components are considerably better quality than those found in most commercial designs and baltic birch ply is considerably more expensive than the mdf/particleboard used in most designs. Once you get into fancy veneers, things get really silly. Retail price would be in the region of £10k a pair.

I have a friend who is a very talented speaker designer - he set up his own company making and selling mid to high-end speakers. They’re highly regarded in the audio press. Although, that in itself isn’t a great endorsement. He bloody well knows his stuff. Fifteen years ago, he was talking about ideas that are still considered cutting edge. Anyway, I have some inside knowledge and insight and my numbers are about right.


That sounds really interesting, where would you find advise and designs for speaker kits?

Sounds like an interesting retirement project.

There are quite a few sites around, but this is by far and away the best one in my experience:

Troels is a very prolific and extremely talented designer. Several of his designs have also been commercialised as DIY kits.

2 Likes is another DIY site. I have 4 of the designs. Siegfried Linkwitz was also a talented designer.

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Altec Lansing model nineteen remade:

Speaker components —
Low Frequency: 15” bass driver (416-8B) [GPA]
High Frequency: radial phase plug driver (802-8G) mounted to sectoral horn (811B)
Nominal Impedance:** 8 ohms
Crossover Frequency:** 1200 Hz with 50 watt L-pad on the high frequency driver

Enclosure Type: vented
net cabinet volume: 250 liters = 8.8 cubic feet
effective volume: 270 liters = 9.5 cubic feet (with Polyfil stuffing)
tuned to 34 Hz with a 3dB down point at 34 Hz

Sensitivity:** 99 db
Frequency Response:** 34 to 22,000 Hz
Dimensions:** 40” H x 24” W x 20.5” D


This is a massive understatement.


I really, really want to hear a pair of the LX521s…

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My friends going to be 3d printing some cabinets to make some small active speakers and an isobarik sub woofer.

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can always post on the OPLUG forum for an audition here

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Cool idea, would love to see how they turn out.

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Fantastic, thanks!

Hope you get to find a place to listen. mine are playing away as I browse the community

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Did you build your own? I guess it’s very subjective, but how do they compare to regular ‘box’ loudspeakers?

The listening experience is very individual but I would be lying if I said I can go back to BOX speakers for 2 channel right now. Maybe I am biased just because I built them. I’ve heard another pair in a better room and its hard not like them.

My build log is here LX521 Build Logs but MagicLX521 has options for DIY and assisted stuff.

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Very thorough and detailed build log - nice work!!

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Will post them when he’s done. Hee waiting on a few parts to arrive

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This is the subwoofer he’s building.

Very cool. I had no idea about the range of stuff that can be 3-D printed.

Sadly my balcony is now built in so no more area to diy such a large project. These were like the 5th or 6 pair in world completed…I got to hear a friends pair before I built mine, and since then a few more builds have been completed here in Singapore, but still maybe only 5 or 6 pairs here. MY Orion’s were 2nd hand and factory built in the USA. But the Pluto and LXmini I have I also built myself.

It’s hard not to love them, but the WAF is a bit out for anything but the Orion’s in my house…so they get the lounge and the Lx521 are in the office that I also now share with the mrs. I think she just ignores them now.

Nicely logged :+1: