Built 970: Remotes Still Have Connection Problems To Core

Roon Core Machine

NUC 8i5
16 gig of ram I think, maybe only 8.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Motorolla cable modem
Protectli router running untangle (2 vlans)
Ubiquiti 24 port POE switch
Ubiquiti nanoHD access points (3x)
Ubiquiti inwallHD access point
Ubuqiti flex mini switch

All firmware updated to latest.

Connected Audio Devices

Naim Uniti Atom - wired
Matrix Audio Mini-3 Pro - wired
Ropiee (rPi4) endpoint to Benchmarck DAC3 - wired
Apple homepod - wifi

Number of Tracks in Library

32853 tracks

Description of Issue

The core is playing music just fine to all my endpoints once I get music started. I have problems with the remotes communicating to the core reliably. I keep periodically (about once a second) losing contact with the core. This causes the remote screen to flash and reset at the top of the page I’m browsing. This happens on a wired ethernet iMac, a wifi connected imac, and a wifi connected macbook pro (M1) All running the latest macOS.

Strangely my iphone (13pro) can browse just fine for the moment.

My remotes are unusable now, it’s like a game of whack-a-mole.

here is a screen recording the behavior:


It seems that if I only have one remote running on my network things are a lot better. Adding another remote causes the behavior above. Please let us know what is going on, it’s been a month of near useless remotes.


It’s been nine days and no response. It’s been over a month of unacceptable performance from my remotes. IS there any hope of a fix in the next update?