Bulgarian translation

We have a resource to start building Bulgarian translation of Roon. Please advise on initial steps. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi @Todor_Finkov ,

Thanks for reaching out and for your willingness to help out with Roon translations!

We have not yet added Bulgarian to the translation system, but I can ask the team to do so. Would you be willing to be the first Bulgarian Translation Admin? Let me know!

Translation system usage instructions are below in case you want to review this beforehand:


Hi @noris ,

Yes, lets do that. Looks like we can help with that.

Speak soon and all the best!

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Hi @Todor_Finkov ,

We’ve just added Bulgarian to our Translations Database!


Are you still interested in being a language admin?

Please let me know and I’ll put in the request, thanks!

Hi @noris,

yes, still interested.

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Hi @Todor_Finkov ,

You should now have Bulgarian Language Admin rights, and I’ve updated your Community flair as well :tada:

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