Bulk file renaming app

After many years of ripping Cds with a few different apps I have decided I need to rename quite a lot of my flac files so that they number correctly.
There are a lot of tracks numbered 1, 2, 3, 4 etc & I intend to renumber them to 01, 02, 03, 04, can anyone a recommend an app to speed the process up?

I believe mp3tag may be a candidate but I’ve no experience of using it.

Thanks in anticipation :pray:t4:

Before I got deeper into Foobar2000 MP3Tag was my 1st solution for this.

I learned here: Flexibles Tagging (Seite 1) - Tagging und Organisation - AudioHQ
or General - (fb2k)

Now I can use my Foobar for all operating systems for mass editing, better than MP3Tag.

Create own views (skins), flexible tagging and filtering, see immediately where something is wrong (yellow fields) and even improve it with my own 1-click. For this purpose I built my own toolbar…

Today I use this scheme with Foobar2000.

Destination: Z:\run\media\uwea\TX\X
Where X can be a drive letter or letter of the folder.

Filename: $cut(%album artist%,50)/$cut(%album%,80) [’[’%date%’]’ ]%H%/$num(%discnumber%,2)%tracknumber%. [$cut(%artist%,50) - ]$cut(%title%,50)

H can be filled after the release year with letters or numbers from 0 to 9 / A to Z to separate albums into several folders for comprehensible reasons.

Cut is needed so that the folders and file names are not longer than the operating system allows according to its formatting rules.

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Thanks for your comments Uwe, I’ll have a look at Foobar over the weekend and run a couple of tests. :pray:t4:

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Yes mp3Tag can do the job with the auto renumbering wizard. I have only used it for one folder at a time but you can select multiple folders and it will restart numbering for each folder.

A question though, why do you want to do this? Roon isn’t bothered by filename track numbering.

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Thanks for the information, Unfortunately the LUMIN app (my backup) doesn’t like the single digit track numbering. Mp3tag looks easier to use
than Foobar I’ll have a go.
And, of course, I want the naming to be consistent.

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I found MP3 tag easy to do such tasks and because it is popular there are tons of “how do I” examples sprinkled about.

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The Auto Numbering Wizard only does the Track metadata, not the filename. Provided that your track number metadata is OK to start with (it has to have the leading zero in it), you will need to use the Convert | Tag-Filename option to rename filenames. I have just tested it and it works fine.

Simple example with leading zero track number followed by a space and the track title:


Thanks Tony, I appreciate your help, time is in short supply at present and this will really speed the process up :pray:t3::pray:t3:

I’ve just been through this exercise, and removed album and artist from track file names. I’m still not sure if it was a totally good idea, but it certainly looks neater.

If you’re on a Mac, namechanger is a great program for batch renaming.

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Not sure if the others have it, but kid3 also has a folder rename option based off of the content in the folder. Customizable and can do bulk folders. Gets weird if you use cd1 cd2 cd3 etc… for multi disc recordings, I tend to rename the tracks 1-01, 1-02, 2-01, 2-02, 3-01 etc… and but all the cds in one folder.

If you’re on a Mac, namechanger is a great program for batch renaming.

R-name is a simple freeware one for Mac, it’s been abandoned but still can be found.

Also, A Better Finder Rename is not free but been around for 25 years. Great program.

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I have used Tag & Rename for years , never a blip


And even if the actual metadata track number is single digit (1, 2, 3, etc.) rather than (01, 02, 03), one can still use the mp3tag "Convert > Tag-Filename to get the file names to show with double digit track numbers. I use this as the format string in such a command:

$num(%track%,2 ) - %title%

This will automatically create names like:

01 - Come Together.flac


You can see how standardized the work is even in the colorful freeware scene. Very often the same field names are used with or without abbreviation disc discnumber track tracknumber.

under Foobar2000 it reads


It’s just the instruction to do something numeric with a field with two digits. Whether the field is %discnumber% or %tracknumber% doesn’t matter. The % characters are just a hint, it should be done for all selected music tracks.

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I found the “TAG to Filename” worked without other intervention which was very useful and confirmed that the Metadata was good.
That was the minimum of effort on my part and half the collection is already updated (18K tracks). The NAS is currently reindexing so I’ll attack the rest tomorrow.



Paul I use Mp3tag for this exact purpose.
It has worked perfectly for this purpose and given me some great consistency for file naming, especially on multiple cd album’s. Highly recommended.

Oops I can see I am a bit late :grin:

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Better late than never, still another 20K tracks to go. The app is £20 but worth it just for the time saved.

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Been away with work sorry.
But if you are off to a good start then it just gets easier (hopefully) from there

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Work , Oh how I feel sorry for you letting such things interfere with Listening :smiling_imp:

Being OLD has some advantages


Don’t worry Mike I am slowly getting there :grin:

I have to be concerned about sitting in my seat all day listening to music and reading books and getting fat :joy_cat:

Consumption habits will change. The future retiree will no longer sit on the sofa, but will always have a whiskey bottle ready in the Tesla with loud music, because otherwise he won’t be able to stand the self-driving system.

The alternative sporty pensioner gets his healthy muesli in the morning and then runs 10 km with DAP through the fresh air and hears the birds only from the jukebox.

You have the choice as always, but now to work :rofl: