Burson Composer 3x connetion issues

I just got a Burson Composer 3x performance a few weeks ago. It worked seamlessly when I was streaming through Roon with a Rasberry Pi4 using Roopieee. However when I connect my Composer to my computer (Macmini m1) via USB, not streaming from the Pi, it is not recognized in Roon. Even though it just was with the Raspberry Pi. I changed it to multiple computers (2 Macmini M1s and one Macbook Air M1) and my ipad. Nothing. Anyone experience this that has a way to use it with usb connection to a computer? I even tried without Roon natively using Tidal and Qobuz on the computers and nothing. It’s not even showing up on my computers in settings as a sound output device. Has anyone experienced this? Any fixes?

iOS don’t normally require special drivers for USB devices but this sounds like it maybe the case.
Can you check on Burson website if it says anything about drivers being required?

That’s what I thought. They have a message stating there is a driver to fix this for Yosemite. I tried that one and it didn’t work. They are unresponsive with the emails I have sent.

Not sure what else to suggest as it does seem like a driver issue.

I would say try a window machine but that would definitely need a driver, although if they provide one on their website it might be worth trying if you have any windows PC there.

I was thinking the same same here. Not a problem. I figured I’d ask the community. I can always use a different dac. The Composer is wonderful when it works with the Raspberry pi.

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