Bye Roon, why I am not renewing my subscription

Roon’s absolutely great, and absolutely light-years ahead of manufacturer, stand-alone control apps. Even Lumin’s.

What is everyone gripping about, especially when Roon only costs a few hundred quid!? It’s a true bargain, IMO.


It’s more capable, and a LOT more expensive, than the other products in the market. That creates expectations.

And IMO, those expectations have been met.
Otherwise I wouldn’t have paid for lifetime membership a couple of months ago.


You’re entirely entitled to that opinion. I wouldn’t be paying for it if I did not find it the best for what it does. That doesn’t mean it couldn’t do more, or that there aren’t a number of pretty obvious places that could use polish, finish, completion, fixing, etc.

EDIT: here is my concern: Roon decides they’ve captured the market of music curators and determines to focus entirely on more mainstream aspects of the market or in some other direction, while leaving the potential of their curating features in the ether for an extended period. Curators never get to really accomplish what is almost within reach with a little more development.

I’ve come to Roon recently. It has many great features, but the search is rubbish. I couldn’t believe how hard it was to find stuff. I’ve got used to it a bit, and can work round some of the issues, but the search still isn’t anywhere near good enough. So that’s what I’m griping about, and I’m perfectly entitled to.

@Martin_Kelly @Speed_Racer

There are so many areas where the implementation is lax, lacking or downright crippling:

  • Export of files with the wrong attribution of album art
  • Export of files without a log to find out which files may have failed in the export
  • Export of files with … in the album name will not work
  • Identifying albums presents you with a list of albums which obscures the original album info so you can’t even compare
  • General implentation of AND functionality
  • Almost impossible to use editing of albums tracks and such
  • Very convoluted and difficult implementation of genre editing and assignation; which is odd, as the genres attributed to albums and artists are pretty hopeless for the most part.
  • The broken (never has worked) Focus on Similar feature (because of broken genre assignation)
  • Lack of a simple toggle DSP on or off
  • The ability to attribute half stars to album ratings but no way to filter to that level
  • Ongoing problems with boxsets and classical albums handling generally
  • The ability to stop showing the forced upon us reviews and/or allow us to put our own comment instead

That’s just from quick memory (and my memory ain’t great) and stuff which Roon, to my knowledge have either known about and failed to correct FOR YEARS or completely ignore calls for correction/improvement FOR YEARS.

Ill continue to gripe about these basic issues and more for as long as I can be bothered to, certainly for many years to come.

These little things which don’t matter to most and matter to some, all add up to a big problem for Roon, ultimately. ie fFewer and fewer devoted fans, more and more unrest in these pages and many more clients seeking other solutions, either casually or actively, competition actively trawling here and seeing what’s not being solved or developed by Roon and seizing opportunities to better them in key areas.

@James_I sums it up well here:

Oh and whilst you’re here… this is also a problem, again completely unacknowledged by Roon officially, ironically as it highlights a problem Roon has fundamentally wrt customer service and responding, haha:

Thanks for your understanding in this matter.

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Personally, I think you’re asking way, way too much and seem ‘confused’ about the function of Roon?
Roon isn’t a metadata editor, nor a file ‘exporter’.
It’s a music player. Just what is it exactly you want? (That’s a rhetorical question, by the way…!)

Hey Martin question for you: do you have a sizable local collection? Do you collect different versions of the same album title? Do you make it a point to get every last release by a band? I mean, locally, not streaming.

Hang on a minute. I can’t for the life of me imagine what makes you think I am asking too much, nor how me asking Roon to fix stuff or finish off stuff which has been implemented already is such a big deal.

I am merely highlighting for the most part stuff which either doesn’t work or which has been so poorly implemented as to be useless. That’s not my doing, not me wanting more stuff but either seeking to get repairs to broken existing stuff or useless existing stuff. Features which Roon themselves felt strongly enough to implement originally into the “music player”.

Also some of the fixes I’m asking for or others are asking for are very simple to fix (like changing the embedded album art file name from “album art 1” or whatever it is to an industry standard “Front Album Cover” - as trivial as it seems, it’s quite important if you’re exporting regularly for portable use and the apps on the device won’t display the artwork as a result.

Exactly what I want is for stuff which is broken or very hard to use to be fixed and for Roon to evolve better customer service consistency. That’s not asking too much imho.

No, it isn’t asking too much by itself.
But you need to recognize the several communities with diverse interests, and acknowledge the challenge of addressing them all, and to what degree, and choosing.

  • The “curators”, active in these recent posts
  • The sound quality extremists, who demand the ultimate tweaks (with or without evidence) to equal or better every other product in every configuration
  • The tinkerers who want to tweak filters and up/downsampling and integration with HQPlayer and Dirac and plugins and…
  • The lifestyle people who want a mobile solution
  • The streaming service people who want integration with everybody and his dog
  • The local library people who want built-in ripping and better identification, and export with better art
  • The multi-app people who want better integration with iTunes, and “virtual soundcard” integration with everything
  • The commercial-product people who want to buy a product that just works including fully automatic identification and support for all audio devices, including old and leading-edge and oddball ones, and including adaptation and resilience to network foibles and simple backup (and restore!) in every circumstance
  • The people who want support for all manner of hardware (NAS!), and minimized power consumption (WOL!)
  • The Roon leadership who want a business proposition that works for every sales channel
  • The relaxed users who are happy but just want things to work reliably and fast

I could go on. Each of these is a reasonable expectation.

What I think is not reasonable is to demand support for your particular area without recognition of the diversity. And shouting about ME and MINE.


If you’re asking ‘Do I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder’, then the answer is ‘No’.
I have a sizeable local collection, and also enjoy streaming.
And I couldn’t give a ‘rats arse’ that it’s impossible to use editing of albums tracks and such, etc, etc, etc. Ad-infinitum. I mean, is it really that important? Ummm…? No.
As I’ve said, I haven’t got OCD. I just enjoy using Roon to listen to music.


Perfect answer.


Have to agree for my use too.

Doing any of the missing things or the ones that exist is hard, doing some of them as a group is harder and trying to do all is very hard…otherwise there would be 100’s or more solutions to choose from that do as much. Development takes time and often some things have to have higher priorities than others. And then you want it to look pretty and be able to be used by your 5year old and his great grandmother…

Of course you can develop your own too…if you can’t live with what’s out there


@AndersVinberg ,

Yes, Ok, I agree with you for the items which are new requests :slight_smile: - thats a fair point.

But for the the broken stuff or really badly implemented, i would argue that these should be fixed as a priority and acknowledged as such.

I went for the lifetime subscription for what it is, not for what it could do or because it doesn’t do something. I’d be happy if it never changes.


“So shines a good deed in a naughty world.”

My 2p …

Roon approaches music playing in a different way so you can never really compare products overall

To me there are 3 levels

1 - Absolute base level Navigation , UI look and feel etc, superlative playback and SQ etc
These make product “just work” as advertised and should be the basis to work from to improve things

2 - Refinements and “neat tricks” that complement the Base level

3 - Niche improvements, eg Apple Watch support recently

How each user reacts on these views these 3 will vary enormously depending on each use case.

My take is that the niche improvements are getting done while the Absolute stuff is still not finished and working 101%

It’s embarrassing that to properly navigate my classical collection of box sets I have to resort to a legacy system because Roon simply cannot give me a navigable route to a disc in a set other than disc 1, disc 2 etc. there are loads of examples

I don’t believe we should stop raising the various shortfalls. My view on purchasing a license is that you can’t expect changes in advance, you can’t moan from outside the community

I maintain 2 systems which is laboursome just to allow me a better experience than Roon is currently supplying,

If you don’t tell em how can they know the friction points ?


Absolutely. If they want me to keep paying they can expect me to keep complaining until obvious issues like the poor search are fixed. Cute enhancements like Apple Watch support are a long way down the list compared to just being able to find stuff.


Maybe someday you’ll see how much you’ve embarrassed yourself with this response. My intent was to understand how you relate to music to see where we differ, maybe point out that people enjoy music in different ways, and that with larger, especially local, collections, these types of functional needs relate to quick sorting and identification of music TO LISTEN TO, not just to stare at like a well organized shelf of books.

There’s a pretty blurred line between OCD and being intense about a hobby, and you can just live and let live. But of course, the audience has to be self-aware enough to be open to these ideas.


I have a lifetime subscription to Roon and am overall very pleased with the service. The perceived metadata problem will never cause me to leave Roon as the product has gone through several iterations and I’m sure constructive suggestions regarding metadata gathering improvement will be taken on board for future editions.

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