Bypassing Android Audio

It’s a limitation or a design choice in Android. However, I seem to recall there is a way around this with something called “USB Audio” or similar, but I don’t know it if would work with ARC.

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I think you might be referring to USB Audio Player Pro.
After buying a DAP I was very disappointed to discover Roon is limited to 48khz on Android.
So I’m using USB Audio Player Pro with minimServer for my music files.
You can use other DLNA server apps but minimServer is light, fast, and free.
UAPP supports Tidal and Qobuz as well but has nothing to do with Roon.

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Yes that’s what I was referring to, but I guess it is a full player, not something ARC can use. Maybe ARC could do the same on Android?

MinimServer is great, it’s what I will use if I am without internet at home.


I assumed ARC was going to solve this on Android :frowning:
But I did read in another thread that Roon is looking into it.

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This all sounds like a discussion from a few years ago. If Roon Arc doesn’t bypass Android Audio, that sad. I was really hopeful for this remote version of Roon, but its obviously a couple of years behind apps like USB Audio Pro and Muzecast, both of which will provide lossless on my Galaxy S21 because it has a built in hi res dac capable of 24/192 playback on my phone, my hi res Kenwood car head unit or on my portable Dragonfly DAC. I am confused why Roon would even put this app out without full lossless playback capabilities. The Qobuz albums in hi res don’t even contain the hi res labels in ARC like they do on desktop. Waste of time app at the moment.

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Then it shouldnt have been released. Plenty of hi res apps like USB Audio Pro and Muzecast do it just fine with hi res. By the way, all Galaxy phones have a native hi res app that bypasses Android Audio. Even Android Auto does hi res now.

Of course it should have been released. 24/48 is adaquate for most mobile situations and of course, iPhone works great with lossless high resolution if you connect a DAC.


So, I’m hearing you say we should accept inferior playback because it’s a mobile app?

No, get an iPhone or iPad.

I’ve split out these posts from the original #support thread, since they’ve gone off topic.

If you want to make a feature request please post in #feedback:feature-suggestions.

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It’s only inferior if you can tell the difference.

I definitely can tell the diff between bluetooth and redbook or above. Even between AAC and LDAC. 48KHz/24bit and above without lossy compression? Much harder.

Roon ARC could possibly implement whatever USB Audio Player is doing on the Android platform.


Roon could implement in ARC what USB Audio Player does…

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Indeed. Android 10 added support for 192 kHz, and I think 16, 24, and 32-bit has been supported since Android 5. The phone is the problem, as many of them cap the frequency supported because that’s what their silicon will support in hardware. Using USB Audio out the USB connector should work, but you’ll need an external DAC and a phone OS that supports it (all should, particularly those with a USB-C connector).

So sad to hear Roon is “crippled” by 48 kHz on Android phones.

I used Roon on my Android phone yesterday, and the downsampled sound was metallic and distorted, at times like nails on chalkboard when paired with my Sony WH-XM4 or WF-XM4.

So is getting an external DAC for my Android phone the only way to solve this issue? If yes, what is a good model that has been proven to work with Roon?

Perhaps the most expensive option is to get one of those expensive Sony 96 kHz “walkmans” running Android? But I don’t understand how has Sony overcome the 48 kHz limit since their walkman’s use Android too.

Roofan there are many good options available and I can recommend the FIIO KAX devices.
I have tried the lots and really like KA1 & KA2, but there is really no best, just best for your use case (it is about £50 in the UK)

There is also the bigger brother KA3 and that has a removable USB so can be used with anything.

I have never had an issue with the KA2 and ARC at all

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A cheaper option is to use UAPP.

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The Sony Walkmans and other DAPs use customized versions of Android that can bypass the 48KHz limit.
As @Rugby suggests you can use UAPP as an alternative to Roon and get full res.
It’s a great app. Good sound. Good features.

But to your question: I have a bunch of portable DACs.
I most often use the Questyle M12 - especially when I’m out and about.
It’s not too expensive, tiny, and sounds great. Impossibly so for its size.
It’s powered by your phone and can run down your battery faster than you might expect if you’re listening to DSD or 192KHz though.

For (maybe) better sound and if I’m using more power hungry headphones I like the iFi Gryphon.
It’s a bit bulky but super if you’re listening at a desktop.
This one is self powered.