Cabasse Pearl unknown?

Hello Team
I use Roon Server on Intel NUC Linux. With my Mcintosh Dac D100 everything works fine.
Now I want to Upgrade my Set with a pair of Cabasse Pearl Streaming Speakers.

Connection thru LAN Roon does not find them in the network.
Do I have a possibility to get them working?

Cabasse is as far as I can see not Roon ready nor tested. I don’t think it will work.

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Seems the only SPDIF input is optical (Toslink) Usually these are limited to 96kHz sample rate. As Roon does not support DLNA (UPnP) you must look elsewhere. The Mutec MC-3 +USB will work here providing you can run it on USB from your NUC (or Roon bridge on a Raspberry Pi 4 with RoPieee). Pi 4 can also work with a HAT that has optical out. The Mutec will give the best sound quality… :slight_smile:

EDIT: I forgot to mention rooUPnP. Maybe @DrCWO can chime in with info on compatibility for Cabasse Pearl.

Thank You for Your Anzers
Do I get it Right ? If the End Point ist not in the RoonReady List There is no way to get it working?
I was thinking the RoonReady List is a recommendation for Hardware what is working very good with Roon.
Thank You for Helping me to get this clear before suscribing for Live time.
Best regards

You will need to plug a Roon Ready end point into the Pearls.

Hello, I read the Pearl Akoya are now supposed to be certified as officialy supported Roon endpoints. Aren’t they ?

I can see them listed in my Roon software, but as “Akoya via Air Play” !
Could anyone confirm if it’s a good option ?

And when I try to play music, it seems to be playing, according to the Roon remote control, but so sound comes out from my speakers :frowning:

Any help would be greatly appreciated :wink:

Does this apply? They don’t show in the list of roon tested devices but there is a roon tested support article.
@support are they roon tested or not?

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Oh yes, absolutely !! Many thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Marc_Moonlight and @ged_hickman1,

The Cabasse Pearl series recently completed the testing pipeline; the Akoya is a Roon Tested device. You can get started using the instructions in the Help Center article above.

Let me know if you have any questions, and happy listening!

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I’m a bit confused about what “Roon Tested” actually means. Ok, it’s clear that the devices don’t use RAAT. But what else do they use? Will the Pearls use an AirPlay connection or will it be something … better?

It will be airplay as it’s under apple home. If you want better then you need a roon ready device.


Under ‘How to set up your Cabasse Pearl device’ a procedure is described for an Apple product. However I have an android Samsung phone (and tablet). I have the same problem: Pearl Akoya via airplay with no sound as a result. What is the android procedure?