Cabasse Rialto speakers - Are they Roon Tested?

I have read that Cabasse Rialto speakers are Roon Tested, but they are not listed?
Best Gert

Heard where? The Cabasse page doesn’t say so, nor Darko’s review.

Also be aware that Roon Tested (not Roon Ready) typically means that it works via direct connection (typically USB). The Roon Tested program means extensive testing by Roon and a certain level of customization, but USB DACs usually work without it. Specifically, it does not guarantee that it works over the network, which I would guess is what one would want with speakers like this.

Some of Cabasse’s “The Pearl” series products got labeled “Roon Tested” because of their Apple AirPlay compatibility. Apple AirPlay support is nowhere mentioned for the Rialto system, so I guess it’s save to say that it is not “Roon Tested”.

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