Calling iphone 13 pro max owners /found scrolling fix

Anyone with these phones knows scrolling is laggy and stuttery,it has got better with the latest update but still not buttery smooth,yesterday while scrolling on roon it started getting worse again so I thought I’d use ios screen recording on my iphone 13 pro max and send it to roon so swiped down to bring up the controll panel and enabled screen recording and low and behold scrolling is buttery smooth,I though I was imagine it so swiped down and disabled recording and tryed scrolling again and it instantly started to lag and stutter,enabled recording again and it smooth as butter,what a difference, I jst don’t understand how enabling screen recording fixes this issue so can anyone with a iphone 13 pro max while using roon swipe down and enable screen recording and then try scrolling up and down and report bck if it’s any better,im on 15.4


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I wonder if it lowers the refresh rate to record it as likely they can’t record at the high refresh rates they now produce.


turning on screen recording dosent lower the refresh increases it,im on 15.4 beta so it will be a bug but it makes some diffrence on my 13 pro max,screen feels like it’s running at 120hrz,feels as smooth as the tidal app,this is the smoothest scrolling I’ve felt since 1.7 but as soon as you turn it off the stutters appear right away

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You’re on to something here. I tried it myself and it does feel smoother :slight_smile:

Cheers for sharing.

Moved this support.


this shouldn’t make any difference but it does and in a big way,obviously a bug but this is the way scrolling should feel,its a massive difference so I jst leave screen recording on and delete the file once I leave roon

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