Calling iPod experts

Does anyone have experience of using an iPod Touch as a Roon Remote. Sort of like an iPhone but without the phone.

I assume the 6 th gen iPod Touch runs the latest iOS and has WiFi and Bluetooth

Can it run “ any normal iOS” app, and can I install the Roon app

My old Classic is groaning it’s way into retirement and I was wondering if the Touch could be a multipurpose alternative

I already have an iPad mini but thats a bit big for the pocket use I have in mind


I don’t have one - but from all what I know the iPod touch is an iPhone without cellular. So it should work similar to an iPhone, runs the same apps, etc.
Do you already use an iPhone with the Roon app? The iPhone Roon controls are different from the one on the (normal) iPad, e.g. you can’t access DSP.

I have a Touch that I run Roon Remote on. Works fine, but the screen is too small to do anything except the most basic Remote functions.

Can run any iOS app.

Like Slim, I also have one and while it’s workable for basic stuff you will struggle with the small display text and finger placement is not good if you have big hands.

It’s probably the smallest of all the capable form factors to run remote on, I wouldn’t go out and buy a new iPod any more but I do use one still when on the go, but need a battery booster with mine as it’s not got much staying power for much other than a bus or train commute.

Thanks Guys

Its as I thought . My choice was BIG (Ipad Pro) or LITTLE iPod

Think I may just go BIG after all



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I’m interested in how you are using Roon when you are mobile. I travel a lot and would love to be able to stream music from my NAS at home or via Tidal (and hopefully Qobuz soon) via Roon on my iPhone or iPad. How are you doing that when on the bus or train?

Mine is local copies , I don’t travel daily anymore so it’s a compromise but ok for me

Roon doesn’t do remote access ( yet) JRiver does


@ksalno I don’t use it much for Roon in-house and it can’t be used outside with Roon unless I’m running the core on my laptop while traveling but certainly not while on the move.

With so much storage on phones these days and players like HFPlayer by Onkyo that can handle DSD and flac on iOS platforms I can live without Roon streaming on the move.

Onkyo hf , dragon fly Red Bose QC 25 on my iPad covers my mobile needs these days