Cambridge Audio CXN v2 streamer on different network

Hello all. I am running ROON Core on a Synology NAS (works perfectly) and I am able to stream to a Cambridge Audio CXN v2 streamer that is in the same network.
The issue I have is that I have another Cambridge Audio CXN v2 streamer that is on a second location (office) and network. Are there any options to connect this second streamer ?

Thank you

Hi Antonio,
In the tinkering section you will find information on the topic.
Roon needs to be on the same network, the Layer 2 collision domain.
By broadcasting on the direct connected network, Roon can find devices.
If your device is on another location, network packets need to be routed and Roon cannot find the devices where you are.
This can be solved by connecting two networks over a VPN solution, tunneling Layer 2 traffic over a Layer 3 (IP) connection.

If the above sounds difficult to you, it will be a daunting task to get it to work.
In other words; YMMV.

Good luck.

Edit: Layer 3 er IP layer ref. OSI model.

Yep I thought of this approach. It is pretty complicated to create a layered tunnel (not impossible). Seems like a challenge :smiley:
Basically the second CXN is un-usable at this moment.

Thank you

Thanks, @PeterD - I had moved this topic from the #support category to the #roon category, because Roon Labs do not support Roon working on different networks. However, you’re correct that this question is better raised in the #tinkering category - so I’ll move it there for better visibility…


Can you add the office network to the Synology? Roon Core supports multiple networks (will broadcast / listen on all of them). I can’t comment on the “security” of such set-ups but is will work.

What I do in my office: All my switches are managed and all the ports which go “switch to switch” are trunked. This allows me to match the correct network / vlan to the correct device. Layer 2 switching is an art all to itself but just distributing vlans across switches isn’t horridly difficult. Managed or, using the netgear term, “plus switches” will allow you to manage vlans. You just need a switch that supports 802.1q vlans (and do use 802.1q and not the wonky proprietary stuff some cheap switches have) . The Netgear plus stuff is cheap and works well. Getting back to the proper router interface can be done physically (router with multiple routed ports) or at layer 2 if your router supports 802.1q and the ability to treat each vlan as a layer 3 (IP addressed / firewall rule) interface.

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Thank you. I will try to do it. Hopefully it will work with the unify hardware (at the office) and unify alien (home).
I will post here the results.

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