Cambridge Audio Dacmagic 200M - Problem!

Sounds like CA’s marketing department may have jumped the gun here.

Really, this seems odd to me. To be Roon-Ready, I think you have to embed Roon’s RAAT software technology in your product, basically include a Roon Bridge. But the DacMagic 200M is a relatively inexpensive product without a networking stack (there’s Bluetooth, but that’s technically a serial connection over radio). So how is a Roon Core going to talk to the internal Roon Bridge? I don’t see how this will ever be Roon Ready.

Hi Bill,
exactly, you have nailed it. It really sounds a bit premature. And how long
might that take. Already implemented or maybe a firmware update in the future.

Sure, it is not a high-end device. Anyway, the sticker is on the box…
I will put the Dacmagic 200M in my main setup over the weekend.

The overall sound quality than will decide if it is worth the trouble of waiting for an update that may never come.

Anyway, what i am really curious about is if ROON support could confirm that, or haven’t heard anything from CA about this device and they just used ROON ready because the marketing wanted it.

Honestly i always had good experience with different CA devices in the past. I hope it is just bad timing or that ROON haven’t updated their database in time.


Unless I am getting my k’s in a knot.

The DAC Magic 200 is. DAC , pure and simple, it has USB , coax and optical inputs. It does not have any Network capability, other than Bluetooth

Roon Ready implies the implementation within the device of RAAT , the Roon transfer protocol, which this clearly does not have.

At best it can be Roon Tested which implies it has been tested by Roon as. Digital input source say by USB

CA have mislead the user , to connect the DAC Magic 200 you will need a bridge device / streamer which could be Roon Ready.

Their other devices have been upgraded to Roon Ready status where they are Network Ready , ie CXN (V2) CXA61/81, Edge etc , And presumably the 2 new EVO products

Have I missed the point somewhere

PS long time CA fan , I use a CXN

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Hey Mike,
good to know. i was thinking about the CXN v2 (Do you own v2 or v1)
and can you confirm that with the CXN Device Volume and HiRes works?

Would be a bit more money, but stress free. I was just thinking that the CXN is around for a long time and that CA might bring a successor soon. Or not?

What is your opinion about the XN, still great for the money?


I had the CXN v2 and it works with hi res 192/24 and Volume control via Roon.
Can’t remember exactly, but I think it was doing dsd 64 via DoP

Mines a v1 so I only get Airplay but V2 is Roon Ready so will go to 24/192 on coax or USB or on the RAAT network input. I use DLNA theN coax to my headphone amp then HD800 headphone. Brilliant sound.

I can select Device Volume or Fixed Volume in Roon , I assume that the V2 will as well but someone else may comment.

I have had 2 x CXN , no 1 was a lightening casualty. The only issue I had was the display screen packed up.

Also if you plan to use USB there could be an issue on USB Class 2 with some Linux devices ( on this forum , I’ll find it if you’re interested) but I would use the Ethernet input anyway so not an issue.

Originally used via JRiver DLNA to amp etc , a good quality streamer especially now it’s Roon Ready

These are great Infos

so after many hours of listening i asked CA for a return/refund.
It is not only the inconvenience with the DSP Volume nor the false advertisement regarding the ROON ready sticker.

That MQA isn’t working at all with any kind of DSP active, even Replay Gain stops MQA from working, it is the sound quality.

Without HiRes or DSD the Dacmagic 200M dosen’t sound much better than it’s pr- predesescor the DacMagic Plus. A bit more open in the treble, but noticeable less impact in the low’s . Even the soundstage was more or less the same.

After all the hype and great reviews this was unexpected. The praised “smooth”, more analog SQ, seems to me more like “wishful listening”.

I really have to put the neutrality of some magazines and reviewers in to

I will go now a bit higher. The Auralic Altair G1 is a complete different, way more expansive streamer/DAC. But after the comparison with my Auralic Vega DAC (9 years old)it was such a more satisfying experience.

The difference was kind of "Night & Day. Even my wife, who is a bit of an audiophile too, looked at me after 2 minutes hearing the Vega and mentioned: “ok, it will be more expansive, i guess”

sad, but true…

For me, case closed…for now


I have a backdoor way of streaming Roon when using the DacMagic 200M.Things go wirelessly to my Node 2.1, then I use the coax out to the DacMagic. I don’t get the HIGHEST resolution, but do get MQA.

But this is not acceptable. It’s now late November 2021, and if the Cambridge DACs Magic 200M is “Roon Tested,” I’ve not seen it, period.


Now that CA DACMagic 200M is Roon Tested, can someone kindly confirm whether the hardware audio volume in preamp has been exposed and can be controlled ?


Yes and no. I’ve managed to use Roon via my laptop (USB out to the DacMagic). But, I still prefer using the audio control on the DacMagic. I worry about blowing out my hearing aids. AND, I still prefer going wirelessly to the Node 2.1, then COAX to the DacMagic. I just think sound is “better” for me. I’m not sure this helps at all. Good luck!

Hey @SierraEchoBravo,

Great question!

As a Roon Tested device, the Cambridge Audio DACMagic 200M supports fixed volume. Here’s what this means: