Cambridge Audio Evo

Just seen this announcement on Twitter.

And Roon certified on the day it’s announced :face_with_monocle:. Cambridge Audio showing the other manufacturers how to do it.


Should be a nice unit.

Looks good and the Evo 150 is cleverly priced just below the Naim Atom. Still happy I purchased the CXN + CXA81 combo last year for a similar price. I wonder how they compare sonically. I was actually hoping they would refresh their Azur range as a possible upgrade. It starts to look a bit outdated now, especially next to the newer products. I guess I’ll have to wait a bit longer.

Looks like a nice lifestyle product. If it sounds great, then +++++

Would be nice to see detailed comparison and review between Cambridge Evo, Naim Unity Atom and Lyngdorf TDAI-1120.


Agree. Who has an EVO 150? Dealers are taking orders.

Shame about the 3.5 mm headphone jack !

I know you can adapt but it’ll look horrible, am I right most “hi fi” headphones are still on 6.3 mm, my Sennheiser HD800 are.

That said the all in one look has many benefits, I am a long time C A user.

I wonder if it is literally a CXN and CXA81 in one box , that would be interesting :face_with_monocle:

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Thumbs up for Cambridge :+1:t3:, still waiting for months to become my Kef’s LS50W II ROON ready :rage: Had the predessor (LS50W) for just one month, exchanged them (and loses € 600,-) only for the ROON readyness of the II-version. For my NAD 390DD it also took almost a year to become ROON Ready. :rage:

Thinking about bying this all-rounder for my home office, at least something good about the outrageous corona measures. :face_with_monocle:

Not MQA ready, though.

Can you elaborate on this comment? Seems clear from their website that MQA is fully supported;

“Every current format, from Roon to MQA-powered TIDAL Masters, Spotify Connect, Apple AirPlay 2, Chromecast and Qobuz, is catered for.”

How to playback MQA encoded files using Evo – Cambridge Audio Support

My bad; this was my impression since the tech specs did not mention that format.

I’m waiting for almost a year for CA to upgrade their Azur range. This is really getting outdated and the upgrade of the Azur streamer should be what I’m looking for. Was a bit disappointed to be honest to see this but its the right move for CA. There is more market demand for this than yet another streamer box and the evo 150 take a unique position on the market with its amplification/price combo.

But you can’t use it as a source, there is only pre-out. So still waiting for a decent streamer source from CA with upgrade in SQ from CXN but not breaking your wallet like the Edge line.

Have one on order. The Cambridge Class AB integrated amplifiers are nice. Warm and with sufficient peak power to render pleasing results with most lower efficiency stand mounted speakers. I will try mine with several different speakers and let you know. Not sure how long I will be waiting. Guessing 30 days or so.

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I wait with baited breath :innocent:

Probably a while til we see them here

I acquired an Evo 75 yesterday, and it’s just what I want, other than a minor firmware issue: after playing music and going to standby in network standby mode, I had to power cycle it several times to get it to show up again in Roon as a Roon Ready endpoint.

As this is my bedroom system, my goal is to control in entirely from the Roon remote, other than the occasional firmware upgrade. Has anyone else seen this issue? Found a workaround? BTW, I’m running the latest firmware (not posting this from home, so I can’t check, but it was something like a124-087).


Any Roon users tried the EVO-150 at all?
It looks to be the complete all in one deal but little information on actual user reviews so far.

Have a watch of this video as I was comparing with the Lyndorf.
I asked him for comparison and he said the Evo better for larger speakers.
But there is a lot of competition at this price point range
There are quite a lot of other reviews on YouTube now as well

Thank you Michael but…
This is all I see??

Strange it is there until I post it and then it becomes unavailable
I will send you it via a DM to see if that works

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