Cambridge Audio streamers


I contacted Cambridge Audio and they said they are not planning to add Roon Support yet, but I still love their streamers, particularly CXN and 851n, so I am wondering if anyone here has them and use some streamer player through usb or spdif to connect to CA streamer? I myself am considering MicroRendu or sMS-200 but would love to hear your setup that works good with CA streamers

There is an issue with the USB implementation on some models. Some devices only see them as class 1 USB devices through Linux. They are fine into Windows. Search on CXN on this forum and you should see the issues. I don’t know about the 851.


Hmm I was going to use Rock on Intel NUC, so it would be Linux… shame, I hope this gets fixed soon

I have the CXN and love it. It’s wired Ethernet at the moment so Roon feeds in via AirPlay currently

I have put in a RPi running USB , the CXN has 2 USB levels class 1 to 96 kHz, class 2 to 192 kHz, class 2 has an issue with Linux and does not work so I am currently using my audiolab M-DAC to my headphones

I have just (4 days) added a Allo Digione board to give me Coax output but haven’t wired it to the CXN yet, that will provide full 24 192 to the CXN but really only working as a DAC , no images etc

I still have the CXN running my old JRiver system on DLNA and will probably keep it that way.

The bottom line is CA consider Roon to be too small to bother with. To keep features like artwork you need to run as streamer mode, USB or SPDIF don’t show artwork, so you are stuck with AirPlay or simply use it as a DAC


Ps did you do the firmware update to support Tidal? About 3 months back


Thank you! this is what I was afraid of actually that running it through USB won’t show album artwork and other metadata. Hmm shame, altough I want 851N so much that I will still get it i think regardless of it’s shortcomings, I am planning to order something next week, unless someone convinces me that microrendu + standalone DAC is better option, because this is another setup I am considering :wink:

There is another possible option. A UPnP bridge may work but someone has to try it!

The CXN & the 851 have the same streamer unit so its only the DAC that is different , I never auditioned the 851 I went straight for the CXN . The artwork is one of the big benefits of the streamer, there a lot of good DACS out there to do the DAC bit without spending out of the 851 , its quite a price even compared to the CXN. Many that will be RAAT ready too.

A uPNP bridge , I assume will provide DNLA lookalike from a RAAT Source ? , am I right

DNLA seems to include the Artwork in the stream

Certainly RAAT -> Airplay provides art work , I am not sure I can replicate a uPNP bridge unless I can do it through a LapTop arrangement somehow , I’d be happy to try if it can be done that way

Obviously Airplay drops everything to 44.1 so all HD tracks are useless but it does include Artwork

Does anyone know ?


The Sonicorbiter software based uPNP bridge presents to Roon as Squeezebox but then outputs that as DNLA I believe. Some Naim users are doing this to use Roon with their hardware but it isn’t the cheapest and the list of confirmed compatibility isn’t huge.

I HAVE a CXN i use it with a SOTM Sms200 both are the first edition, I also use a Sonictransporter i5 as a Roon server.
OK so Sonic Transporter i5 via Supra Cat8 into Sms200 using a pink Faun Lan isolator out to Cxn USB wow sound is magic dynamic, and loading via the sonic is instant for your personal discs an pretty fast via Tidal. But the sound is dynamic and so much detail.
From CXN to Wyred 4 sound ST1000 amp via their top XLRs then out via Anticables 3.1 ref to Elac AS-61 and REL Ti9 the CXN is just a magic machine and good easy station selectionfor radio. ALSO CXN on its own is Tidal compatable.I started with the CXN then added everything else was using small Maggies before the Elacs. Enjoy the music.

I use Cambridge 851N and 851A and PMCs
SMS 200/Sbooster from NUC 7i5.4TB connected USB spinning HD.
Roon is very fast on this set up
No screen art on 851N as well known on here.
I did upgrade from the CXN to 851,subtly increase in sound but great bit of kit

David Law
Does the Faun Lan make much difference in your set up?

YES THE PINK Faun was one tweak that was immediately apparent,there was a clarity and openess to the sound. Well worth the money.

DId anyone get the same mail

CA have added Chromecast Audio Support to the V2 CXN

What does that mean? Will CXN now show up as a networked device rather than AirPlay , will it mean that CXN V2 is effective “Roon Ready” and run Hi Res natively

Does anyone have the V2 (mines the original) to see how it responds

I don’t think however its a firmware upgrade for the original CXN at least I haven’t seen one yet …


Anyone seen any updates for the 851N,nothing on the CA site

David Law,did you get your Faun Lan from UK?


Roon is specifically mentioned in this bit of the mail. Quite a development. The question is where does that leave RAAT?

Just spotted … on CA SIte


CXN (V2) has Chromecast built-in. Just tap the cast button in your favourite app to stream music from your smartphone, tablet or laptop in stunning high definition sound, up to 24bit/96kHz. In addition, Edge NQ and CXN V2 can now serve as Roon end points. They become classified as Roon ‘Capable’, supporting playback of your digital music library and TIDAL in up to 24/96kHz.

Presumably hardware ??? not a firmware update


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I spotted this too, and have the CXN v2. I have made sure that I have the up to date firmware, but as yet it remains recognised as an airplay device.

I have tried disabling the audio zone, and reenabling it, and I have not yet worked out how to make it come up as a chromecast device. Any ideas welcome!


I’m guessing a firmware update, but don’t know

CA did this with Tidal, maybe to create expectation, Tidal was several weeks after the email circular

Hang fire. I have the V 1 , I am just hoping it’s a firmware update for all CXN . Does the V2 have different firmware I wonder

Keep me posted…

I got round it with a RPi, Allo Digione etc anyway but it would be nice