Can an Intel i3 NUC boot and work without a keyboard & mouse attached

Hi there,

Have now purchased a new 8th Gen i3 NUC with space for the 2.5" SATA SSD and M2 SSD. I plan to install the ROCK OS this weekend using an old USB keyboard and mouse I have.

The question is once all the ROCK OS has been correctly installed can I simply boot the NUC up without a USB keyboard and mouse being present? I want to tuck the NUC away in a small corner.

I’m assuming this would be okay but not 100% sure as maybe you have to hit the spacebar to continue a boot.



Absolutely. ROCK is designed to be headless

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And legless…just power and lan and you are good to go.


Mine is in my hifi cupboard and haven’t seen it for months and it has survived a number of whole house power outages (plumbing related) without being specifically powered down or up just power interruptions.

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I think in the bios you should be able to set power fail to return to on.

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thanks for the heads up’

Great, sounds resilient just like Unix.

Ah, I will check that when I install the Nuc, thanks

Personally I wouldn’t enable this. I would always set to stay off in the event of power outage. It is not unheard of for power outages to come in multiple blips.

You can save your device some pain if you let it stay off until you are happy the power is stable again.


Are you South African :heart_eyes:

No I’m in the UK… :laughing: To be fair, our power is usually good, but we have had a few storms recently and its been on and off for a lot of people. I’m glad my kit stays off :sunglasses:

We are in the midst of what are euphemistically called “Rolling Blackouts” or “Load Shedding”, our Electricity Parastatal is BROKE , financially and operationally . Life’s tough in Africa

We sometimes lose power 4 hours at a time and often 2 x 4hrs in a day .

I normally power everything down before the allotted time !

Ah well candlelit dinners of barbecued meat are so romantic :heart_eyes::star_struck:

I was watching footage of the floods on SKY this morning at the gym dreadful

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We take continuous power for granted in the UK. I remember having forum discussions years ago about PCs and long discussions on UPS requirements that guys from the USA added to all of their recommended kit lists and being gobsmacked that interruptions, brownouts were expected norms.


I remember spending more on an inverter and batteries than a DAC (and that was after doing the installation and welding up a rack for the battery array myself). At least I could run the household for a weekend without having mains. But it’s no way to live, not when half your earnings are stolen and you end up having to spend additional cash to compensate for lack of basic services and infrastructure.

But how do you keep the beer cold? :open_mouth:

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I had to give up beer !! (retired Brewer at That !!) wine boxes stay quite cool I prefer Red anyway

We used to have a gas driven camping fridge

Yup! No KB or mouse needed once the system is running. You can even power it down via its built in web server. :slight_smile:


We stayed in a holiday flat when I was a kid that had a gas fridge. I remember being fascinated with the, to me, irreconcilable technology.

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You can also boot on LAN from your iPad or Mac. There is an app for that. Very convenient.

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Yes, I was thinking this also. In my rural area, this time of year and summertime, when we have a power cut it might only last for a second or two but we get them for a few hours at a time, causing all sorts of havoc to IT stuff.

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