Can an Oppo UDP-205 be setup without a TV?

Planning to get a UDP-205 today. Just for Audio, Roon and CD playback.

Can I set it up without hooking it up to a TV or display?

I am thinking for set-up you need to hook it up the get all the settings done. (audio settings and possibly network.)
I would also recommend checking for firmware updates while its hooked up.

Yes, using the iOS or android app

I hate televisions and had to hold my nose and use one for the initial setup. It was very easy and I’ve never needed it again.

If you have the firmware installed and the player on your network with Roon, Roon should find it as an endpoint and start playing when you route music to it. There are a few caveats to that. For example if your firmware doesn’t support Roon (mine didn’t, out of the box) it may be possible to do a firmware update without a display, but I’m not sure how. May be tricky. Ditto if the default network setup does not work, for example if you need to enter a WAN password. Presumably new players are shipping with the firmware that includes Roon support installed, and if you’re using Ethernet the default setup should just work with Roon. Once networked, it’s possible the “media conrol” app for iOS or Android will do all the setup you need, as Larry_Post suggests.

My display is a projector which, to save lamp life, I don’t turn on unless I need to. These days the Oppo is my single source component for most networked audio and video, and all my physical media save for vinyl music disks.

Before I got my 205 I had posted a similar question on this forum, wondering if you had to somehow select a source before the player would work as a Roon endpoint, and was encouraged by a reply in the negative. The IR remote codes and front panel controls do not support discrete selection of sources (one code for disk, another for USB, etc.) though the RS 232 does.